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Our cats stories / Re: Meet Coco and Chanel
« Last post by Liz on June 12, 2018, 20:01:52 PM »
Although it may be rough to start with sometimes letting the door open and see how it goes - they may surprise you

Re the farm thing I don't think to be honest they wouuld be suitable after being inside and fed for so long also their coats would become a mess then they would need to be trapped and that opens a whole new can of worms.

Some Zylkene and plug ins at the ready and a weeks holiday with no interuptions and give it a go would be my way

As they look pedigree folks will be thinking sweet Ragdoll rather than claws and language becoming a marine :)
Our cats stories / Re: Meet Coco and Chanel
« Last post by Judecat (Paula) on June 12, 2018, 18:05:19 PM »
I know that Lucy has an aversion to other cats, but is there any possibility that as she will sniff in the doorway and hiss that she may come round at all, if the hostilities are limited to hisses............ Merlin still chases Emo from time to time and she still hisses at him if he walks past too closely, yet they often sleep within a couple of feet of each other. Either like this morning at the top of the landing or on our bed.

Sue posted while I was writing, but some of her thoughts closely mirror my own. We don't know them like you do obviously and as she says you have invested so much time and energy with all three cats, you equally obviously have fallen in love with them. These are the ones you have now not potential future cats that may need help.

I know that there are always going to be cats needing fosterers, maybe an outside structure for those would be possible with a bit of financial help from the rescue?
Our cats stories / Re: Meet Coco and Chanel
« Last post by Sue P (Paddysmum) on June 12, 2018, 18:00:53 PM »

Desley, are these the only two alternatives?   

Forgive the questions, but am not sure if there are any other volunteers who may be able to take over and/or continue the work you've started with both Coco and Chanel?  Am guessing not, and that's why they've been with you for so long. 

Am also wondering if it might be possible to put the word out through some of the pedigree cat rescues that these two need a very special home with someone who has bags of patience, and preferably access to a safe and secure outside run, but appreciate you may have already tried that.  I know these two aren't pedigree as such, but they're attractive enough to interest people who are used to the breed characteristics and temperaments such cats can present, and many have safe access to outdoors arrangements.   Then again, you may feel that could attract the wrong sort of interest, with people only taking account of appearances and not much else.

I suspect that you wouldn't really want these to go somewhere that you couldn't personally vet and judge for yourself, having invested so much of yourself in their care and welfare.

I know Lucy isn't keen on other cats, but then neither are Coco and Chanel.  I'm wondering whether it would be apocalypse now if they all ended having the run of the house, or whether they may learn to keep to ultimately rub along together.  Is it worth giving it a cautious try-out?

I agree that I don't think it's fair to cats to have a permanent home which is a one room solution, but then I can see why it would be heartbreaking to see these two go to a farm setting too, and to be honest, I'm not sure they'd adapt that well, even with the freedoms.  Looking at them, it just doesn't feel quite right. 

It would be great to get Sheila's opinion.  With her farm contacts and her ability to place cats so well, her input would be invaluable on the likely scenarios you're considering.

Thinking about our two gurlies, we both knew that we couldn't part with them, even with their violent tendencies and unpredictability - and it was a very close thing, believe me.  I wont ever forget how close we came to it.  Yet thinking of them huddled up together, looking so fierce yet so vulnerable to those who might not "get" what they were about, I shudder even now at what might have been.  And yes, we still can't "handle" them in the proper and accepted sense, but I've just enjoyed a 15 minute snuggly session with Malt after tea - and she instigated it.  She wanted it.  She asked for it.  My God, how much that lifts my heart.  And I suspect you're the same with every hard won victory you witness with Coco and Chanel. 

I still recall when I would approach Malt and she would run from me.  Then when she had the courage to stand her ground, she would visibly flinch when I went to touch her, and I would back off, and then we'd both end up looking  like we'd lost a tenner and found a pound.   :-:  And then Barley - so craving affection,  so bold in many respects yet still terrified if we stand up and move about around her. 

It's a roller-coaster, but I think you've made such a difference to these three cats already, that any decision you make will be taken after a huge amount of thought, and with a quiet determination that is all your own.   I think you'll find a way.  As for the other cats you "might foster" but maybe can't in the scenarios you envisage, sometimes we have to commit to those cats who need us the most, whether or not it suits our preferences.  Only you can decide whether that's Lucy, Coco and Chanel.  We never know how long we have the cats who are with us and in our care.  However much we plot, plan and propose, life often throws the unexpected in our path, and it's how we deal with that which counts for the cats in question.

That probably doesn't help you at all!  :evillaugh: :hug: :hug:

Our cats stories / Re: Meet Coco and Chanel
« Last post by Desley (booktigger) on June 11, 2018, 13:27:55 PM »
Yes, it is a big step Paula, which is why I’m contemplating this rather than ringing the woman I volunteer for to suggest it. I’ve never discussed Lucy’s lifespan with the vet, I think when she had the initial CKD diagnosis, it wasn’t bad because it was picked up on the early detection test, but not sure how much the IHC will affect that, I Think it all depends on how well we can manage it – I know when we had the diet/medication conversation last year, she said it would be her kidneys that would get her first. I just don’t know whether having the outdoor space would be enough for them, potentially for years. Equally, I’m not sure we could find anyone to take them as they are, and I would really hate to put them on a farm after the work I’ve put in or with how much they enjoy sleeping in front of the radiator. Neither have attempted to escape, I suspect Coco is just glad to have somewhere warm, safe and 3 meals a day, Chanel doesn’t know much different. The loft hatch is in there, I did wonder how easy it would be to enclose a bit of that for them to have a bit of extra space, but they couldn’t stay in the room while it was being done, and nowhere else really to put them. A few times recently I haven’t fully shut the door behind me and Lucy has peeked in at them, she hisses at them – neither of the girls react to that though.

The other downside of course is I wouldn't have space to foster anything else, I've always stopped myself from adopting too many so that I can continue to foster.
Our cats stories / Re: Meet Coco and Chanel
« Last post by Judecat (Paula) on June 11, 2018, 00:45:36 AM »
It is a big step Desley, are you sure about this? They do seem to be coming on with you although Lucy is a massive factor. What sort of life expectancy does Lucy have? I am sorry it is a very bald question, but has to be considered. :hug: :hug: :hug: Is it fair on Coco and Chanel to be in a smallish room for an intermediate amount of time? An access to outside will help massively. Sorry, lots of questions.
General Cat Chat / Re: Bramble's Stubborn Adventure
« Last post by Judecat (Paula) on June 10, 2018, 21:31:33 PM »
Little so and so's. :rofl: I think you need a new gate Dave. :naughty:
General Cat Chat / Re: Bramble's Stubborn Adventure
« Last post by DaveD on June 10, 2018, 21:25:47 PM »
Both of the little  :censored: are just sitting there taunting me. If I step outside, they scarper!

Our cats stories / Re: Meet Coco and Chanel
« Last post by Desley (booktigger) on June 10, 2018, 18:36:08 PM »
Hmm, my neighbour suggested something today for the girls, as she looked after them yesterday/this morning, I came in to find Coco had gone into hiding because of it, so my neighbour thinks I should keep them. Obvious downside of this is that Lucy is intolerant of other cats, so keeping them here would mean keeping them in the one room (its around 8 feet wide and 11 feet long), which I'm not sure is fair, but my neighbour thinks if we add a couple of things like shelves in the room and have a similar enclosure to hers built outside the window, so they could have some fresh air, it may work. The plan would be until Lucy is no longer here, then they would end up with the whole house. Main downside of this is that it is the only room I can use for cats (I used to use the bathroom for occasional stays, but can't with Lucy), so I wouldn't be able to foster, although technically I am, as these aren't mine. I need to think about this before I suggest it to the rescue, as it is quite a big step
Our cats stories / Re: From 2 to 3 again
« Last post by Judecat (Paula) on June 07, 2018, 19:59:04 PM »
 :evillaugh: Norty Gus. :Luv: I am so glad that DD and Gus are bonding. :wow:
Our cats stories / Re: From 2 to 3 again
« Last post by girlinleeds on June 07, 2018, 14:06:36 PM »
So dd is teaching gus to sit, he's actually doing reasonably well and at least half the time she tells him to sit he does. He also let's her pick him up and carry him, something he won't tolerate from me and dh.
Gus has started to be a bit of a monkey, trying to take food of us but I keep saying he is only young and we don't know his background so patience and a firm no/moving him away and we'll get there. He's bonded with dh really well as he was off work with him for a while, so gus sulks abit until he comes home and then cheers up again. The other day gus decided to clean jess and I must admit it didn't go down well, she barely tolerated Bella cleaning her so no way is she letting her little brother give her a lick.
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