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Our cats stories / Re: Meet Coco and Chanel
« Last post by Judecat (Paula) on June 15, 2018, 01:08:13 AM »
I think that you have made the right decision, but I am also with Gill in saying please don't advertise them, I know that they will have prospective homes vetted, but I still think that people are going to see them, fall in love with their looks and not be up for their behavioural problems. Some people know what to say even if they think that they will do things their own way once the cats are in their possession.
Our cats stories / Re: Meet Coco and Chanel
« Last post by Misa on June 14, 2018, 21:01:20 PM »

Our cats stories / Re: Meet Coco and Chanel
« Last post by Desley (booktigger) on June 14, 2018, 13:53:01 PM »
Yes, there are Sue, but not many, plus pairs have always been harder to home, never mind homes with no other cats. I certainly don’t know many people like you Liz!! You are right, they definitely need someone understanding who will let them be – Chanel was playing peek a boo with me Tue night, last night I was reading their bedtime story and Chanel started playing around, which distracted me, Coco started staring at the book in my hand, as if to say ‘why have you stopped?’ and she relaxes a lot when she is being read to, so they do interact, just not in the normal sense, and both know their names and nicknames (coco bean and cheeky lamb).

Between here and CC, I have come to a decision, which will be to keep them as long term fosters, so they would still be up for homing if the right home came along, but in the meantime I will do everything I can to try and integrate them and make things better for them. My neighbour isn’t convinced they should be up for homing, she doesn’t think it would be fair on them, and that I would find it hard to let them go. I will run it by our manager tomorrow, can’t see her saying no, as my neighbour pointed out, what else can we do with them? We are doing a Zooplus order tomorrow, so will buy some more toys, and maybe do a Purrs order too. Then I will speak to our local handyman about getting a mesh door like my neighbour did to gauge Lucy’s reaction, and look at having an enclosure built so they can have fresh air – not sure Coco would use it, but looking at the paw prints on my window, Chanel would. Now just to decide whether to advertise them or leave it for people to offer a home for the challenging cats.
Our cats stories / Re: Meet Coco and Chanel
« Last post by Judecat (Paula) on June 13, 2018, 16:34:17 PM »
Why don't you try it for a week or so and as my late Husband would say "Suck it and see"?
Our cats stories / Re: Meet Coco and Chanel
« Last post by Liz on June 13, 2018, 14:35:50 PM »
Desley your last comment is half of my cats including an unhandlable F2 Bengal my darling Melody she loves cats and kittens., tolerates the dogs and just about tolerates the humans but can be cornered to go to the vet where she is as sweet a pie as she is terrified of being out of her comfort zone

We can now get all ours to the vets with cornering in the catroom its more the chase involved to get them where we want them that would give folks food for thought

A farm is not a place they should go they need someone very understanding who will let them be but love from afar - I do that with my darling Blue feral who still hates us but loves all the other cats after 12 years but if you ignore the hissing he does love his treats and if required an ACP tablet :)
Our cats stories / Re: Meet Coco and Chanel
« Last post by Sue P (Paddysmum) on June 13, 2018, 14:32:50 PM »

The problem in this case is what kind of home would take two semi-ferals who have no issue using claws and teeth, and are technically unhomeable. 

Hmmmm.  :shify:  There are people out there, but not thick on the ground, it's true. 

Our cats stories / Re: Meet Coco and Chanel
« Last post by Desley (booktigger) on June 13, 2018, 13:36:15 PM »
Thanks for all the points and comments, some food for thought. I won’t bore you, but between the layout of the house, and the logistics dealing with Lucy’s quirks with doors, it would be hard to have them all loose in the house, especially as I can’t touch the girls.

Sue – I really can’t think of any other scenarios for these, nor can I think of any other volunteers who could have them - when we weren’t sure in September if Coco could come round, it was me or put her outside. Liz’s comment is my concern about going to a breed rescue!! I certainly wouldn’t want them to go somewhere I couldn’t vet myself, with the work I’ve done. The girlies (their nickname!) aren’t bothered by other cats, there is a half Siamese on the next street, she was screaming to go in one day last week, and Chanel raced to the window to investigate!! No, a farm life doesn’t feel right. Aww, so glad you are still making progress with your gurlies. As for the other cats you "might foster" but maybe can't in the scenarios you envisage, sometimes we have to commit to those cats who need us the most, whether or not it suits our preferences.  Only you can decide whether that's Lucy, Coco and Chanel.  We never know how long we have the cats who are with us and in our care.  However much we plot, plan and propose, life often throws the unexpected in our path, and it's how we deal with that which counts for the cats in question. that is so very apt, Lucy has to come first in this situation though, although in the past I have put foster cats above my own. I’m not bothered by it being unconventional, it just has to be right for everyone, especially as I can’t guarantee whether Lucy would ever tolerate them enough to have complete access.

Paula - While Lucy seems to just hiss at other cats these days (although I have seen her hit Sooty on the bum recently!!), when they are in the house, she gets that worked up, I get hit, and I can’t touch her, so not sure how she would like ones living with her. Funnily enough the vet did ask if I thought she would like friends last week!! I could get the inside door mesh system my neighbour used to help introduce the rugrats, that wasn’t too expensive. Like I said, I have been testing the waters recently, she hisses at them and then walks away huffing at herself. Unfortunately an outdoor pen isn't an option Paula, I live in a back to back house so don't even have a back door, much less a garden.

Liz – being able to cope after being inside for so long is part of what makes me reluctant to find a farm type home for them, especially Chanel as she would have been dependent on mum before coming into rescue, so not sure if she would have the hunting instinct. Your comment about the breed rescue is why I’m reluctant to go down that avenue. I certainly wouldn’t want to just give it a go with Lucy, between her temperament and the work I’ve put in dealing with her issues, some of which I suspect have been caused by being confined with other cats. Not sure how easy Zylkene would be, all 3 prefer dry, the girls get RC Calm biscuits and calming treats, although Lucy has to have renal biscuits.

Lyn – yes, sadly I’ve been doing it 14 years at the end of this month, and its worse now than it was then!! The only room I haven’t used to foster is my bedroom, and that’s only so my own cats had a room!! I just don’t know if I am ready to give it up, it’s only been 14 years and over 250 cats/kittens. I’ve always held back on keeping cats, so I could continue to help more, although I am more involved in fundraising at the moment, so would still be volunteering, just in a different way, and the rescue I currently volunteer for have a slightly different take on fostering, they prefer me to look after them till they are ready to be homed, then go up to our ‘centre’ (well, the new place is a barn!!), which I don’t like, although I do the cat home visits, so still know where they are going. I might even find that even when Lucy is no longer here, I can’t take the room off them.

Gill – yes, they are stunning, but I can’t keep them just based on their looks. For me its their temperament that makes them hard to home. Yes, Lucy was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and arthritis in October 16, which is why she had an operation last year, they suspected last year she also has luxating patellas, early stage CKD last March, then Idiopathic hypercalcaemia (IHC) last August, and the treatment for CKD and IHC contradict each other, so its all a balancing act. It would be sad to move them on, but that is the whole point of fostering, to give them whatever they need to be able to move on and have a forever home. The problem in this case is what kind of home would take two semi-ferals who have no issue using claws and teeth, and are technically unhomeable. 
Our cats stories / Re: Meet Coco and Chanel
« Last post by Sue P (Paddysmum) on June 13, 2018, 07:40:03 AM »

Some excellent points and comments, as always, from your Purrs family, Desley.

     folks will be thinking sweet Ragdoll rather than claws and language becoming a marine           
Cudden have put it better.   :evillaugh:  And so true about their coats. 

And Gill's right - you've done a great job with all three.  It may be unconventional, and maybe not the sunshiniest scenario you'd have envisioned for these cats, but as Lyn has said about the Cat Mansion - we all know you could have a house the size of Buckingham Palace, and it still wouldn't solve the cat issues we have in this country let alone anywhere else. 

Whereas for those 3 cats in your care, you're making a real difference.  The best of all worlds, would be if they could learn to get along in the same house, even if it meant they moved around it without close contact with each other.  And you're savvy enough to be able to make the additions to those rooms to keep the cat super-highway moving along. 

Our cats stories / Re: Meet Coco and Chanel
« Last post by Gill (sneakiefeline) on June 12, 2018, 23:44:36 PM »


Our cats stories / Re: Meet Coco and Chanel
« Last post by Lyn (Slugsta) on June 12, 2018, 21:24:34 PM »
Desley, unfortunately there will always be more cats needing fostering than space for them. You could have a mansion with a cat family in each room and it still wouldn't be enough. Knowing that, I think you be should do what you think is right for the 3 cats currently in your care, rather than worrying about those you have never met.

I know that whatever you decide will have been thoroughly thought through with the welfare of the 3 cats uppermost in your mind  :hug:
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