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In Purrs Shop

Purrs Mouse ClipOn - Fits PurrSuit, Frenzy & DaBird Rods
This is a real hit. Jet will chase this for ages, just like he would a real mous

In Purrs Shop

Animal by-products

We recognise the complicated ethical questions that such toys possess – questions related not only to animal welfare, but also to sustainability, responsible sourcing and the realities of living with a carnivore eating animal with biological needs much different than our own.

Purrs Cat Toys, as cat lovers, are completely against animal cruelty and the killing of animals just for their skins/ fur.  All materials are from animals that are a by-product of the food industry which would otherwise go into landfill or used in the craft and bedding industries.

Our hair toys are from by-products from free roaming, outdoor reared wild forest deer, reindeer and buffalo herds from the UK, EU and North USA. Our natural wild hare or rabbit, pheasant, turkey, sheep, cow and goat toys are by-products from animals either in UK or EU free range farms or in the wild and are protected under UK and EU Animal Welfare Laws. Wild animals also have protected seasons so availability of these toys are dependant on the amount of conservation control needed and natural deaths.

Please see individual toy listings for materials used.

Of course, If you would prefer to buy your cats toys that are not made of animal materials, that is completely fine,  we do understand and also make toys that are completely made from manmade materials. The point of this explanation is not to change your mind, but rather to assure you that we carefully weigh the pros and cons of toys made with fur, feathers and hide, as we do with all of our products.

Please Note – We may at times have a delay in some toys while awaiting the materials to manufacture. We would much rather have a delay in the toys than use any other materials.