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Stocking the best cat toys from around the world for years. A "one stop" shop of the very best, cats go PurrrCrazzy over!

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In Purrs Shop

In Purrs Shop

Purrs Fishie ClipOn- Fits PurrSuit, Frenzy & DaBird Rods
Brilliant attachment that's provided lots of fun for my two cats. The youngest o

In Purrs Shop

About Purrs

Purrs In Our Hearts Cat Toys Shop

Purrs In Our Hearts Cat Toys UK -started in 2007, bringing you and your cat our amazing prey hunt toys -  Quality hand crafted Purrs Cat Toy range and our special cat lovin natural herb toys with your choice of Valerian, Catnip, Mint, silvervine or our PowerMix blend.   

The Purrs cat toys have the most fantastic customer reviews - Just take a look!

We know you and your cat, like our own furkids and  many of our customer's cats, will looove our toys :)

The Purrs cat toy shop is run by Tanya, Steve Chambers & family and as huge animal lovers, we like to offer a personal service and treat all Purrs shops customers as we would like to be treated as shoppers ourselves so if there is anything we can help you with or any problem with your order, please do not hesitate to contact us.

As cat lovers for many years and currently owned by gorgeous furkids, we know what cats love to play with! We are designers and manufacturers of exciting hunt toys that bring out a cat's natural hunt /play instinct which all cats have and can't resist!  

Playing with your cat is the very best way to bond, reduce behaviour issues, help with weight loss and feline furkids get so excited with our toys :)


Purrs In Our Hearts (Purrs) – Cat Forum UK - a Cat lovers’ online community which was started back in 2006 and is run by dedicated cat lovers. One of the friendliest cat lovers communities on the web  – Membership is free!

Purrs Cat Lovers' Community was started by cat lover, Tanya Chambers,  " I have always been a huge animal lover and have always wanted to help needy animals but my childhood dream of having my own rescue has never come true yet!! Purrs was born in 2006 from the old CatChat forum where a lot of us were members. Myself and another member on CatChat (Gill) started to organise events to raise money for rescue cats and just as we were getting close to starting the Auction 2006 event, the CatChat forum had to close so we were stuck for a place to host the auction for cat rescue hence I started the Purrs in our hearts cat community forum.

Plenty of information and advice re all things Cat! Click here to visit the Purrs Forum.