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Re: Wet cat food
« Reply #3 on: May 13, 2017, 08:58:58 AM »
Kay is right zooplus is a great place to look although that said mine have felix because they eat it don't even want to think abouthow much high quality ffood has ended in the bin!

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Re: Wet cat food
« Reply #2 on: May 12, 2017, 21:13:27 PM »
the reference to 4% is to the named meat, not total meat - so for instance chicken in jelly needs to contain only 4% chicken, though in reality it would normally be a much higher percentage

you might like to have a look at the Zooplus site   - because they are a European based firm they stock a much wider range of foods than can be found in any UK store, and some of the  German and Swedish firms make much better quality foods than anything found in UK supermarkets

you will also find on that site several offers of sample packs which would give you a chance to try out some new stuff - always a good idea as our little darlings have a habit of refusing to eat what we have decided is good for them
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Wet cat food
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2017, 20:55:08 PM »
Ok so I am a little confused on this. Since we got Beanie he has had a few of the supermarket own wet cat food as that's what we have happened to come across. When we asked the shelter what to give him, they said he goes for any wet cat food which they mixed with royal canin dry food. We still have loads of the dry and we put a very small amount in his bowl. May stop giving him this when its empty not sure yet.
My issue is with the wet cat food. Beanie was given some cheese dreamies yesterday and since then has had an upset tummy, so I have thrown them straight in the bin and decided to issue a ban on all things dairy after an hour on the internet. He is coming back around on his stomach issue which is great but over the last month I have noticed that he sometimes has issues with some of the wet food, such as lamb which gives him gas (which could be weaponsible) and so I decided seeing as we were getting low on his wet food that I would do a review of what he had to see if maybe it was time to try something else that is better for him. I decided to look further into the make up of the lidl food and had a panic attack when I saw that the meat in it (or meat derivatives) was only 4% per type of meat. This seems very low to me for a carnivore and it also has vegetable things and fatty things which cant be doing his stomach any good.
am I just overreacting and this is normal or should I be looking at better quality food for him

I feel really bad if I have been giving him this purely because it was good value and been looking at it from a human perspective and actually its not good for him. If this is the case, can anyone recommend a decent wet cat food that doesn't break the bank but also is good for him, even a different way of doing his food maybe

I just feel like weve been told one thing by the shelter and when I look online it is so conflicting im not sure what to do.


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