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Guideline re Posts of Cruelty issues / possible upsetting threads
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2007, 11:54:42 AM »
Cruelty -So Sadly it's the reason Cat rescues are full to bursting and why Purrs is here to help anyway we can through supporting the wonderful rescues and to help with some cases by spreading the word and possibly do more if we can.  It is important to post about the cases, where a member may be able to help or Purrs as a group could possibly help rescues with emergency funding.

It would be my biggest wish and i am sure all of yours too, if the cruelty of our current world could be wiped out. When i was little i  wanted to wave a magic wand and stop it all, i still wish it. It's something we mustn't hold our head in the sand about. We are all big animal lovers and the posts on any cruelty can be very upsetting to read.   

Because we have had members contact us about upsetting posts , we have put up this guideline,  not to stop the posts where we may help ie by signing a petition but to give all our members a choice to view or not. Therefore for consideration of all our members, there are three choices for posting these topics:-

1- The warning symbol (yellow triangle message icon) and appropriate title for any post that members may think could be upsetting to others. This isn't going to be easy as there are so many diff view on what is upsetting,  but as a guide -useage for warning symbols threads like     - Cat attacked by dog, Cat hurt by youths etc. 
The title should be appropriate as post headings will still be seen in the read unread posts or show recent posts links so for instance instead of "Cat had her leg ripped off in horrendous attack by dog"  It better to have "Cat hurt by dog - warning can upset" ie the upsetting description is taken out of the title but enough for the poster to know what it's about.
Any pictures that are included in the thread, must have "pic included" in the title.

2-A separate board for Cat welfare Issues and now a new section for non cat welfare issues & petitions that can contain possible upsetting threads. This is so members who do not want to read such threads do not have to go into the board at all and where members who want to publicise welfare issues & petitions can post.
I have already posted a use guide for these sections in the board.
As these posts can still be seen in the recent posts and show unread posts links, please still continue to place a warning symbol and an appropriate title (as  1 above) on your posts.

3- A buddie list of available used to pm a set of members off public board.

Please note - Any links , pics or video's etc  that are purely for entertainint to shock and upset members will be deleted without notice. The "boarderline" posts ie those that can be seen as upsetting for some will be looked at and edited if necessary and it is your choice to view the link or not. 
Links to anti-abuse campaigns, provided it included a way to actually help, like by signing a petition or whatever are welcomed.   

If a member feels a thread is not within the above guideline,  please do not post in the actual thread but report it via pm to a mod /admin or use the report thread button.

It breaks our hearts to know that every second animals are suffering all over the world, one day i so hope this will get better with the help of animal lovers giving the respect and love all animals deserve.
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