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A Grand Auction of Promises
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2007, 16:12:35 PM »
Hi all, Josh and Smokey's Meowmy here. Just to give any of you in Derbyshire or Notts a quick heads up.

Ashfield and Amber Valley Cats' Protection are planning a glamorous Auction of Promises evening in December. It's still in the early stages of planning at the moment but it will (hopefully) be in Alfreton (minutes from j28 M1) on December the 1st or 8th.

We're all fired up and would like as much support as possible. Any ideas, suggestions for promises and tips will be greatfully received.


Just a quick note about our rescue whilst I'm here. many of the cats in our care are elderly, terminally ill (if anyone needs any crf tips, I'm quite well up on the whole thing) and generally undesireble to the usual ball-of-fluff-kitten-hunting people of the world. I think that these babies are some of the most loving cats I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and they get so spoilt by the volunteers. We'd really like to keep spoiling them so want to make this Auction a night to remember!

Thanks for taking the time to read my grovelly post, Smokey's so much better at this than I am!


Amy xx
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