Author Topic: WARNING UPSETTING: Weeting, Norfolk - Ginger Stripey & White cat - Long sturdy legs  (Read 8876 times)

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Thank you for letting us know  :(

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Update: Thu 28-4-2022 @ 1200

I returned to the incident location today with the intention of recovering the deceased cat and taking it to a vet to have them scan it for a “microchip”. However, I found that the body had gone!

I’ve enquired of the local vets and none have been presented with the cat for scanning or disposal by someone else. I’ve enquired of the nearby (200m) boarding cattery about an escapee and their (non-) response implies the cat wasn’t from there.

Therefore optimistically, I suppose that the best conclusion has come about i.e. the cat was found and recovered by its owner(s) this morning.

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I'm sorry to be the messenger of the following sad news:

Found cat report (deceased):

Description: Ginger stripey and white fur in equal proportions, young to middle aged adult, long and sturdy legs, larger than average ears.

Circumstances: Likely killed Wed 27-4-2022 @ 1200-1245 at location A1065 Mundford Road, North of Brandon nr Weeting.

Map references: OS NGR: TL78898825.
What3Words: mistaking.lavished.behave

As I was travelling to a medical appointment in Thetford today, I saw a motorist (unusually) stopped on the A1065. I didn't have time then to stop but as I passed I saw nearby the (lifeless) body of a cat, lying very close beside the carriageway on the Northbound verge. I didn't myself see the collision, so the car I saw might have been the colliding vehicle or a motorist whom seeing the body in the road, had stopped to move it onto the verge. This road has a "national speed limit" at this point, so if the cat had crossed immediately in front of a car travelling legitimately (at 60mph), the driver would have had no chance of avoiding a collision.

Passing the scene on my return journey, I stopped to ascertain whether the cat was still where I'd seen it earlier and if so, to gather identifying information for the purpose of posting the information in places such as this. As at Wed 27-4-2022 @ 1900, the body showed no (distressing) visible injuries nor any decay; which tends to suggest that the collision was shortly prior to my passing the scene earlier in the day. For this evening, I've left it in place for the owner(s) to collect; if they do so, will they please add a post to this thread to that effect to inform me.

As a life-long cat owner myself, I recognise this information will be very sad for the deceased cat's owner(s) and they will grieve. At the same time, empathising, I suppose they'll be glad to: a) know (rather than not know) what's happened to their loved one and b) have an opportunity to "bring him/her home" for such ceremony as they see fit.
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