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Author Topic: Linda's Pawsawyle Cat and Kitten Rescue  (Read 497 times)

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Linda's Pawsawyle Cat and Kitten Rescue
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2020, 12:17:49 PM »
About Linda  :hug:
Pawsawyle cat and kitten rescue is known all over the uk, I specialise in mums and babies,also.
Feral puss cats, I tame and re home, I also help people with their cats and any problems they may have.

I have  hundreds of rescues on my fb page,and we all cross post and help animals all over the world not just the uk. I had someone message me earlier asking if I could help home a white cat belonging to a police lady in Scotland,two minutes on fb and my friend Debbie in Ayrshire is sorting this cats future for him.

I do my best to help people keep their pets when they have problems even if it means I keep them here till the persons circumstances change. Alot of people are loosing their homes which means that unless they can afford higher bonds on properties they cannot take their beloved pets.its very heartbreaking.
I have homed thousands of cats and kittens,I also help with the pound dogs that my friends rescue.i cannot turn a needy soul away.

well I hope. If ever you need a loving puss cat please message me. :hug:

We specialise in taking in pregnant queens, nursing queens, kittens and pride ourselves on hand rearing kittens. We can also tame and rehome feral cats.
We have many friendly felines looking for a loving and caring home. We actively seek families with children to adopt our feline friends. Our rehoming policy has seen us rehome cats as far afield as Kent and Yorkshire. We take cats from Romania, Bosnia and Egypt aswell as the uk
We pride ourselves on a no kill policy, so if we can’t rehome then we welcome them into our family and they stay with us.

We rely on your kind donations to fund our vital work for these animals. We welcome catfood, cat litter and any monetary donations, however small.
As a non-profit animal rescue charity, we rely on the generosity of caring people like you, to help supplement our costs of looking after these animals.


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