Author Topic: Micro-chipping checking petition.  (Read 4595 times)

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Re: Micro-chipping checking petition.
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I completely agree with you Sam!

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Micro-chipping checking petition.
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This applies as much to cats as dogs:

Not all rescues cross check microchip registration on hand-ins.  Another reason to sign the #FernsLaw petition to make it compulsory to scan and check microchip registration on the original database.  Sign now to make it law:-

When Suzie went missing in Northampton, her owners had almost given up all hope but four years later they had a phone call to say Suzie had been scanned for a microchip in Leicestershire by a lady, who deemed it important to check, after she adopted Suzie from a rescue four months previous!

WHY was Suzie not scanned at the rescue?

WHY has it taken four years to get Suzie back?

WHAT if Suzie had not been adopted, she would have been put to sleep, we wonder how many other dogs have disappeared this way?


Please sign!
All microchipped pets deserve The chance to be reunited via their microchip, dead or alive. Please support the #FernsLaw PETition, by signing, sharing and emailing friends. Microchips were made to be scanned, so why are we having to petition the Government?
Click this link to sign:-
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