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Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2018, 21:44:36 PM »
Run by Sarah and Paul Ross, hubby and wife team who tirelessly every day, every hour lovingly care for sooo many needy cats that need help. 

We are a pro-indoor, no-kill, family-run cat charity based in East Central Scotland, covering Fife and Edinburgh areas.

The aim of Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue is to ease the suffering of abandoned and stray cats and kittens in and around Edinburgh and Fife. We are a small, family run cat rescue who dedicate our efforts to promoting good welfare practices for cats and to helping those cats and kittens in our care back to health, so that we may find them a new loving forever home.

Our core focus is those cats living stray on the streets, the sick, injured and infirm who need special care to heal. We specialise in the hand rearing of infant and orphaned kittens and are on hand to offer advice on any aspects of cat care to the public through our Advice Line and our Cat Care Centre. Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue relies entirely on the generosity of the public to provide our vital services to sick, abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens in the region.  Without your help we could not help the hundreds of cats and kittens we save every year. 

Keep up to date with the cat care and rescue cats on their facebook page
or Twitter here

Shop for great cat stuff at their shop here

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