Author Topic: Feral & Stray Foundation 2018 Update  (Read 466 times)

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Re: Feral & Stray Foundation 2018 Update
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My 'feral' from Sheila is the most soppy, wonderful cat, on her own terms. You are doing a wonderful job, sacrificing your time  and energy when most people would give up. I take my hat off for you.

We are not worthy. **bowing on hands and knees.**
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Re: Feral & Stray Foundation 2018 Update
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Hello Liz - welcome back.   :welcome:  Lovely to hear how things have been going for you, but am sorry that it's still you on your own, against the world, as it were.

I bet you have your hands full with the two hand-rears.   ;D  So glad you're managing to keep ticking over. 

We adopted two semi ferals two and a half years ago, and they joined Moray (who is now almost 5!)   ;D  They were pretty wild when we first go them, but the gurlies have proved to be so very rewarding.  (Still a bit wild, but hey - we love them.)   :Luv:

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Feral & Stray Foundation 2018 Update
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Hi everyone,

Wow, apologies again for my terrible lack of posting. I just wanted to give an update on the foundation.

I'm still going! And it's still just me! Thankfully, l have a reasonable amount of the wonderful funding I received from the Purrs Christmas auction in the bank, and this has helped to be maintained by little auctions I run on Facebook, from a collection box in the vets when I locum, and from the odd donation I receive.

The majority of the funding is still going to neuter strays who people are adopting, and to neuter ferals/semi-ferals and buy them flea and worm treatment. I also occasionally help fund emergency vet care if needed. The microchips I got very cheaply are almost gone, and these generally go to cats taken into local vets who chip them before rehoming.

The Facebook page is very active, and a great way to share information, help share missing cats etc, and I get most contact on there from people asking for assistance. One such instance last year was from a woman desperate to help 4 semi-feral cats, but who had been offered no help elsewhere. The foundation funded them to be neutered, and a lovely volunteer collected and returned the cats.

So, I'm still busy, still funding neuters and basic vet care/chipping, and currently also helping to hand-rear 2 kittens which were dumped in a local town at a few days old and taken into the vets where I locum. Safe to say kitten season is in full throw, and the ignorance of some owners never changes.

Sorry again for my lack of posts - I will try to be better!

Liz (Feral & Stray Foundation)
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