Author Topic: Auction Close after 8pm tonight - To all lucky winners  (Read 1938 times)

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Auction Close after 8pm tonight - To all lucky winners
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2017, 16:02:33 PM »
Ooooooo not long now till our 2017 auction closes!! It will close at exactly 8pm tonight and all bids posted on or before that time according to the post time on the Purrs Clock will be the winner of that item. So for instance if your bid post time is 8.00.01 it is past the close time and will not win. If it is 8.00.00 then you have just nipped in for the win. So 1 second after 8pm by the post time will not win.

It always a frantic exciting time and I hope you all get what you wanted :)

Once 8pm hits, I will be posting on each item who the official winner is with instructions on what to do. - how to pay etc
After this there will be a complete thread showing the total per member of winning items and total due per member.  Please wait till this list is posted before you pay

It takes at least 2 hours after the auction to do all the closing work so please hang on before paying for this list.
I will also post in the winner list thread on to how pay etc.

Good luck everyone

If you have any questions re the end of the auction post here

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