Author Topic: Foster homes needed north east area  (Read 9734 times)

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Foster homes needed north east area
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2016, 22:30:15 PM »
Hi , I know I haven't been on here a while, but Westgate Ark in Newcastle are desperate for foster homes this is copied and pasted from their Face book page
Today a mother and three five day olds were admitted to the Ark in a poor state.Currently every single pen at Westgate Ark is occupied by one or more cats.
Within the the past two days we have been asked to admit at least twenty cats further cats in various combinations of singles and multiples. We also have two families due back from fosterers this week. The maths does not work. Obviously, we are unable to help everybody.
However, there are three or four cats that could be transferred to fosterers at the moment as they are not currently able to be homed for different reasons. If some of these could be cared for by fosterers then we could help more cats in distress and more quickly!
We have one cat that will be collected by the new owners in one weeks time. We have a mother with kittens about five days old that may need fostering for a minimum of two months. Also, there is a pregnant queen here that will need a base for between three and four months.
Westgate Ark are looking for people to foster. Please send your details if you are interested.
Ideally you should be free of other pets or at least have a spare room. Transport and an ability to work in close co-operation with the Ark team are also of great importance.

Please email or telephone 0191 273 9555 - anyone in the North East area I personally am happy to provide transport!
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