Author Topic: Radio Iodine Therapy for cats  (Read 32844 times)

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Radio Iodine Therapy for cats
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2016, 00:18:29 AM »
As Sylvie (11 this year) has an overactive thyroid, my vet has discussed options of pills lifelong, surgery or the radio iodine therapy which is one injection under sedation.  Her insurance only covers her for a year for the thyroid problem, so meds after that will be expensive. (I know as my other elderly cat is on them). Surgery offers a 70% chance of cure, but could possibly come back later, and the RIT offers 95% cure, but she would have to go to a specialist centre and stay there for 2-4 weeks until she is no longer radioactive. Has anyone had this done on their cat?  I think, as long as insurance pays out, I would prefer the injection but worried about her being away from home. Be grateful for any advice on this? I am in SE London, and the nearest places that do the injections are the RVC in Hertfordshire and another place in Canterbury in Kent.  :(


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