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Re: hi all
« Reply #3 on: December 24, 2015, 17:40:09 PM »
 :welcome: to Purrs  ;D ;D

Have to agree with Sue and I would love to visit those places..............they are opening up now and so many great places to visit but even a human must be careful in them so me purrrrsonally would not take a cat.

Its not so much imo whether the cat likes or is used to travelling, I think these places would not be safe for a cat and the feeding would be hard and if the cat got sick or ill then vets could be very hard to find.

Sorry to put a dampener on here but please be very careful  :hug:

This forum is great so please let us know how things go

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Re: hi all
« Reply #2 on: December 24, 2015, 08:39:34 AM »
Morning catpaul, and welcome to Purrs to you and your cats   :welcome: 

Wow - that's quite an ambitious travel plan.  Unfortunately I have no idea how easy this will be for you, and am not sure how you would manage logistically.  Is your cat used to travelling?  I would imagine that would be the first thing to assess, because if they havent travelled before, and depending on the age of your cat, they may not adapt well. 

From a cat's viewpoint, there will be strange smells, sounds and sights to contend with, and that may include a lot of stray dogs.  I would say the cat's safety would have to be paramount.  It's not that cats cant or dont travel - I've seen footage of travellers with their cats, but I think it takes a fairly exceptional traveller and a fairly exceptional cat to adjust to life on the road.

However, if this is something you do fairly regularly, and your cat doesnt mind travel, then you could have a word with your travel agency to see what they could find out for you. 

One of our members, Carol, has successfully taken her cats on board her narrowboat, with minimal difficulty, but that's a bit different to your own travel plans.

I hope someone else may be able to offer more constructive advice, and that you enjoy our forum.  We're a friendly bunch, and there should be something to catch your eye on the boards. 

If you have any pictures you;d like to post of your cat, and maybe tell us a little about him or her, then we'd love to see them.   :)

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hi all
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2015, 08:04:35 AM »
hi there, i'm newbie. Never been on a cats forum before, but now is the time to get started more than ever. Glad to be here and hope that you guys welcome a fellow cat lover at this site.  i am planning to visit several cities in myanmar, cambodia and vietnam with a local  vietnam travel agency - vietnam pas cher. Ideally i would like to bring my cat with me. i have found lodging options in all three countries. however i am not so sure yet how difficult/easy is the entry into these countries with a pet. i need some help....
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