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« Reply #2 on: June 22, 2015, 17:54:06 PM »

Oana, whereabouts do you live (general area not specific details)?   Can you give us details of places you've tried in your area.  It may help us to think of alternatives.

Have you tried taking a photo of him, and making some fliers to run off and push through people's doors in case he's genuinely been lost, and have you any opportunity where you could get close to him, get him into a cat carrier and have him scanned at the Vet's to see if he's been microchipped? 

It sounds like you've already done a sterling job of looking after stray cats in your home area, but you can't take them all on, and I think there will be many who will sympathise with the position you find yourself in, not least of which our rescue members. 

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« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2015, 21:40:25 PM »
I write this message on the forum as there's a little cat (a boy, neutered, looks very young), in real need of a home, and lingers around our door. We feed him, of course, as we do with all the strays, but unfortunately we can't take him in as well: we rescued already from the street (as it seems a great fashion in this country to abandon cats), transformed them in house cats, and we still have problems with occasional fighting, as they are all boys. We keep them still segregated (each in their room) while we are at work, we can't house the 4th!!!
PLEASE HELP, we want to pay for him in a cattery or animal shelter until he'd find a home, we had no help whatsoever from any association, have you got any ideas, PLEASE?
I dread the winter coming and he'd be outside! Let alone we have another stray boy in the garden for whom we've built a hut last winter, it was his life saver. But this boy, providing he's neutered (obviously he had owners before), seems to be really helpless: if we build another hut in the garden he'll get beaten by the one who lodges there, and so on... WHAT CAN I DO????


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