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Re: Greetings from Germany :-)
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Hi Sunshinekath. A very big welcome to you and your kitties. I can see not only do you like taking photos of your beautiful cats and fosters, but you are also very good at it.
I live in the UK. and have six cats. You will love it here on this friendly group of cat lovers.

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Greetings from Germany :-)
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 Hello everybody,

I just wanted to say hello and send some greetings from all my cats at home  ;)

Sometimes I order some products in the shop that is the reason how I came here. I have three wonderful cats named Moonie and Maya (they are brothers) and a female cat named Melina but I call her always Lina (it is shorter). I adopted all of them when they were kittens. Moonie and Maya came to me when they were 8 weeks old. I know it was too young. A few months after I became a cat owner, I started to foster homeless cats at a society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. We have a lot of these NGOs here in Germany, at national level and at regional level. I specialised to foster pregnant cats as I have a separate room for them, so that they can give birth to their kittens in privacy and safety. Once the little ones are 12 weeks old they move into their new homes as well as the mother cat. My third cat, Melina, is one of these kittens that were born in my foster room and which I raised up. When she was three weeks old she showed very clearly - each day - that she does not intend to move out. After 5 weeks of trying to convince me (I did  not want a third cat!), she suceeded and I backed down. She worked each day on me during 5 weeks. It was almost impossible to say no. Well, now she has become a real member of my cat family, which is impossible to be imagined without her.

After her moving in, I continued to foster homeless cats. Currently I have 6 kittens that look for a new home and a mother cat.
Here are the pictures of my cats:

Moonie and Maya when there kiittens

Melina when she was three weeks old



Melina when she was 6 months old

and here are the 6 kittens and the mother that look for a new home:
Mother cat Lucy. She is approx. 12 months old.







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