Author Topic: Missing - Male Domestic Shorthaired Cat - All Grey with White chest and Socks - Derby  (Read 1754 times)

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Work your way through the list of hints.  Make sure you've got as many posters out as possible  :hug:
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Sending lots of Purrs come home vibes and hope he is home for Christmas  :hug: :hug:

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Hey, he's 3 years old, microchipped and yep he's neutered. Left food by backdoor and some things that smell of us, but still nothing - worrying so much just miss him so much :(

He's been missing 5 days now and longest he's ever been away is like a day and a half :(
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Hello EmmaMarie and    :welcome:  to Purrs

So sorry that Socks has gone awol

How old is Socks and is he neutered ?

Although it may sound obvious are you leaving some food by the back door / in the garden?

keep us posted

Come home soon Socks your mum is missing you

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Sorry to have to welcome you to Purrs at such a worrying time  :hug:

Do have a read through of the hints and tips list that Sheila linked to, they're tried and tested and have helped get so many cats home safe and sound. I think the most important aspect is local posters/flyers. Another good tip is to track your postman down as he/she will have been pretty much everywhere locally in the last few days, what with the increase in Christmas post, so may have seen him on his travels.

As Sheila says, don't give up hope - have everything crossed your lovely boy is home in time for Christmas  :hug:

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Welcome to Purrs. So sorry to hear that Socks is missing, he's gorgeous. Have a read through here,305.0.html

and check the lost and found pet registers like these two

But most important of all is not to give up hope. Good luck and do come back to let us know how you get on.  :hug:

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Hi all

I'm currently worrying about my cat, tonight is the 4th night he has not returned and he's never been away from the house that long - usually back every night.

We live in Spondon (very close to Borrowash) - Derbyshire area. Please if anyone see's or hears a cat crying please go check if it's my cat, and contact me asap if it is him. He's a loved family member and we are all pretty upset. Him going missing is way out of character hence my worry he's been trapped somewhere, injured or gotten lost.

He's all grey, fairly long athletic body, he has white socks and chest, he is shy of people he doesnt know but completely harmless. His name is Socks.


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