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Rescues - Forum Etiquette & Disclaimer
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Rescues - Forum Etiquette & Disclaimer

We are so very proud to have wonderful cat rescue organisations with us on Purrs, we admire the courage and strength you have everyday to help the needy cats. You are what Purrs was created for to give you the support to carry on your dedication in cat Rescue.

This bit on Purrs is for you,  to protect your postings and help us all work together helping the needy cats 

Taken  from The Feline Advisory Bureau:-
There are many differences in emphasis between organisations and groups of caring people who want to help cats.
Cooperation between organisations in invaluable and is in the best interests of Feline Welfare.

Rescue organizations will be governed by their own constitution and objectives. Their rules and criteria may be completely different to other rescues and no organisation has any right to interfere in the way that another operates or applies it’s funds. Neither does any organisation have the resources to deal with every problem and must work within the constraints of it’s resources, facilities, finance and manpower.

It is counter productive to criticise publically another organisation’s efforts or it’s apparent failings.  Libelous or slanderous comments should never be made against individuals or other animal welfare organizations.
If you have any concerns about any posts, please contact the staff or myself by pm or email

The posted messages from Rescues express the views of the that rescue, and not necessarily the views of other Rescues on Purrs.
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