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Re: LOST Ginger cat Winchester, Hampshire
« Reply #3 on: June 16, 2010, 02:21:16 AM »
Thanks for your reply Sam :)

Yes, my initial thought was he had gone off looking for ladies, and he did disappear for about 4 days prior to this (probably due to that) and I swore then I would get him done but he disappeared before I could do anything about it and he's now been gone for about a week and a half :(

I've only had him for about a year, I kind of inherited him from someone else who for some reason had strong views against neutering him and told me it would "spoil" him, and being that I wasn't any sort of cat expert I went along with it until the previous time he went missing when I looked up advice on why he was wandering off and realised it would probably be for the best. Now I know for definite it would be for the best and thankyou very much for the advice, I am certain it is the right thing to do, and would stop all this worry (and the noisy fighting - there are several toms in my street.)

Thankyou also for the list of hints and tips, they have helped a lot and I plan to follow all of the advice you sent me in the hope of getting Cheeky home safely.

I will definitely keep you updated! Fingers crossed!

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Re: LOST Ginger cat Winchester, Hampshire
« Reply #2 on: June 15, 2010, 20:25:05 PM »
So sorry to hear Cheeky is missing.  As an un-neutered male there is a very strong chance he has gone off in search of "ladies".

I saw your post on the NPR and sent you the list of hints and tips .... but posters posters posters is the most important thing.

I really hope cheeky comes home soon.  Can I just say that when he does come back it would be advisable to get him done.  This will stop his wanderlust and the health benefits to Cheeky are enormous.  Un-neutered males are more likely to develope testicle cancer as well as being at greater risk from injury from fighting with other males etc.  Also, by getting him neutered you will be helping to reduce the number of kittens born.   Please have a look at this thread to see the reasons to neuter,4787.0.html

Good luck in finding Cheeky ... he is a gorgeous looking boy and I can totally understand why your children are missing him.  :hug:
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LOST Ginger cat Winchester, Hampshire
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2010, 18:05:48 PM »
Cheeky is a large un-neutered ginger male. He is approximately 7 years old. He was wearing a blue collar when he disappeared from his home in Winchester, Hampshire, but he may have lost this since. He is fluffy but tends to lose his coat a bit in the summer but always keeps a very fluffy tail. He is very much missed by his young owners (aged 4 and 8)
Picture attached.


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