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Leeds Feral Cat Welfare group needs volunteers!
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Feral Cat Welfare has formed to continue helping the feral and street cats in Leeds that were once funded by a Cats Protection group that sadly closed down in January this year.  They had helped many feral cats over the years and were committed to providing food, shelters and veterinary care so that the cats could stay in their own habitat and their feeders felt supported.  With the Cats Protection Branch closing after 13 years, carers of these ferals have been left with total responsibility.  Many of these cats are timid or feral and therefore unwanted by the general public who most of the time, understandably, look for an affectionate companion when searching for a cat.  In order for the cats to remain happy and healthy and in their own environment, and the feeders and carers to feel supported, we aim to raise funds and continue providing the food and veterinary care that may be needed. We will also help if the cats need relocating or rehoming in the future.  Inevitably we will continue to get involved with pleas for help and have just taken in three 12 wk old semi-feral kittens all suffering from an upper respiratory infection.  They have received veterinary treatment and now just need socializing so that they will become tame enough for rehoming.  Taming feral kittens is a wonderfully rewarding job and if you feel able to take a fold-up pen in a spare room (they must be kept separate from your own pets) then we'd love to hear from you.  We will provide everything and give you full support until we find suitable homes for the kittens.  If you can help a couple of ferals cats by providing a shed or outbuilding in your garden, you will be making a huge difference to their lives.  There are several that need moving from unsafe or unsuitable situations.  We are recruiting volunteers for many different tasks, so if you would like to join us visit our website  for more information.   :thanks:


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