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Forum Rules, Etiquette & Registration agreement
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Welcome to Purrs In Our Hearts  (Purrs) :)                                         

Purrs In Our Hearts (Purrs) is a privately owned online forum run by devoted cat lovers to provide support to Cat rescues and help rescue cats in need.  This forum is set up to support this aim and also as a place for cat lovers to seek advice, friendship and support on all things feline.

By registering you agree to follow our Guide of Conduct, or 'Netiquette' below and agree to our privacy policy here

When you register, you will choose a Username and a Password. We highly recommend that you choose a complex or individual password, and it is important, to prevent identity theft, that you never give your password out to another person. Your username (which appears with all your posts) can be viewed by all members, the public and also be picked up by search engines. So if, for example you don't want your full name to appear, then don't use it as a username.
When registering you do NOT have to fill out all the 'non-required’ fields. All your profile information (except your username) is member view only. ie the public cannot view. You may hide certain info (ie email addresses) from member view (except admin).
Please note that the software places a cookie, a text file containing bits of information (such as your username and password), in your browser's cache. This is ONLY used to keep you logged in/out. The software does not collect or send any other form of information to your computer.

Purrs Netiquette
As in all forums, it is very easy to take the written word in the wrong context and meaning.  Some people simply aren't aware of how their post can come across online with their choice of words and can be perfectly well-meaning yet may use words or be blunt which can be misinterpreted. The use of smilies do help to show your emotions in your text.  We have a huge range of Smiles to use :)
If you find you are clashing with a member, please refrain from posting a private disagreement on the forum boards but try to talk it through in private messages.  Thanks.

Good Practice when Posting
Posting: You remain solely responsible for the content of your posted messages.
 Please be aware that any advice given on the forum is the view of that person, not necessarily of Purrs, so it is up to your own judgement whether you take the advice.
In matters of a cat's health, your first priority should always be to seek the advice of your own vet.
Please be aware that it is not advisable to put either home addresses or telephone numbers in your post.

Replying to Posts: Please always be polite when replying to other's posts, even if you disagree with their view. People have vastly different levels of experience, and replies/advice given in a friendly, courteous manner is much more likely to be heeded, and therefore will be of more help to you, members and the cat/s.  We welcome discussions, however they should be kept polite and controlled. Heated arguments help no-one, least of all the animals.

Unacceptable posts - our Staff will edit without notice:
• Any posts which are abusive, threatening, obscene, vulgar, or any posts violating UK or International law.
• Advertisements including commercial and animal breeding adverts. (Any potential advertisers (cat related only) should contact Purrs Admin direct.)
• Spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes, etc. or 'Troll' posts.
• Posting of material which is subject to Copyright, unless you have permission from the copyright owner.
• Requests for money non Cat Rescue/Aid. (Member Sponsorship for a legitimate rescue or charity is allowed.)
• Posts linking to classified websites offering 'Cats for Sale' or 'Free Kittens' etc. As a Rescue support site, we do not wish to advertise such sites, as this simply perpetuates this thoughtless trading which results in so much animal suffering. We will replace such links and refer people towards their local animal rescues.
•Any Pictures or links to horrific abuse sites that shock and upset members purely for entertainment. (Links to anti-abuse campaigns that include a way to actually help, like by signing a petition or whatever are welcomed.)

Reporting posts
If a person is deliberately making posts to upset or inflame other members, or has made a post you feel is not in accordance with our forum guide, please report this to a staff member immediately via pm.   Please do not complain in the actual thread, this does nothing other than to fuel arguments. 
The staff will deal with your complaint privately to the members in question, and will not discuss with other members.
If moderation is deemed necessary and if the member is online at the time, they will be contacted by pm in the 1st instance and asked to self edit/delete.  If a member is not online, moderation will take place and a pm sent. (All unacceptable posts are edited without prior notice and pm sent).

Please remember that our staff are volunteers, and may not be able to deal with issues straight away.

Staff Moderating & Disciplinary Procedure
All Staff are not paid for their services and try to make Purrs a pleasant experience for everyone.
Members usually post in accordance with our guide but when this doesn’t happen, we will use a range of strategies to address the actual member and editing rather than thread removal that penalises all posters in that thread. Depending on the situation, the strategies include guidance, requests, word editing, warning, timed posting suspensions and full ban. Warnings, temporary posting suspensions and Bans are recorded and the member is informed via Personal Message (PM).

There will be no thread deletion. (Except in cases of pure hijacking, spamming or trolling.)
Staff may move/split/merge posts or threads which are deemed to be better placed elsewhere on the boards.
Threads continuing to cause a disturbance to the forum can be locked if deemed necessary.

In most instances, staff will guide and advise posters to post according to our guide. If a poster chooses to ignore any in thread guidance /requests, any clear breaches will result in a “three strike” disciplinary procedure:
1st stage – Posts edited and warning.  (Warning left active on account for 1 week)
2nd Stage – Posts edited and temporary Posting suspensions (24hr or 1 week as appropriate)
3rd stage – Full ban

After a temporary posting suspension, your account will have a stage 1 warning left active for Two weeks.
Please note that with each post, your IP address is recorded, in the event that you need to be banned from Purrs.

The content of posts are the sole responsibility of the individual poster, and Purrs can take no responsibility for any damage or loss occurring from the use of the information therein, nor can we take responsibility for the accuracy of the information in posts, or for any assertions made therein.
Neither are we responsible for any specific activities, practices or conduct of any rescue and rehoming group.
Purrs owners also reserve the right to reveal your identity (or any other related information collected on this service) in the event of a formal complaint or legal action arising from any situation caused by your use of this forum.

If you have any questions, please contact Admin at

 :welcome: Warm welcome to our site and we look forward to meeting you and your cats.   :)
Please help us keep Purrs a pleasant place to be!  :thanks: :hug: 

Tan - Purrs Admin
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