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AARU (Animal Accident Rescue Unit) - Injured Cat Cash Appeal
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2007, 19:08:26 PM »

A local animal charity has today put out a plea for donations from the public to save Angel the cat who was rescued by the charity after being hit by a car.

Nottingham based Animal Accident Rescue Unit has been rescuing sick and injured animals and birds for over twenty years and never puts down an animal to sleep unless its in the animals best interest. But now the charity is faced with a huge dilemma as the vets bills to save Angel are spiralling.
Jon Beresford a volunteer animal rescue for the charity said;

“Angel was in a terrible condition when we rescued her, her jaw was broken which required wiring and we also realised that she was blind. She was unable to eat for several days and needed 24 hour specialist care, we thought she might not make it. She’s obviously a brave little girl and is doing very well despite her ordeal, which has left us with a £1000 vets bill, but with more treatment required we are desperate not to let her down.

In addition to rescuing sick and injured animals our team of dedicated volunteers have to raise the funds the charity desperately needs to do this vital work. Without this commitment from our volunteers the hundreds of animals we save each year would be left to suffer and fend for themselves.

Being a local charity run by volunteers from their homes, ever penny donated to us is spent directly on saving the animals”.

AARU operates an ambulance service throughout Nottinghamshire for sick and injured animals and birds. Any it rescues are then housed in the homes of volunteers across the county, where they are cared for until they can be considered well enough for rehoming or release into the wild. AARU funds the veterinary treatment of the stray animals it rescues.

For more information contact Jon Beresford on 0845 458 2813 or
07738 604672 , or email
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