Author Topic: Maverick from the Clan is a 3 legged wonder!  (Read 4706 times)

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Maverick from the Clan is a 3 legged wonder!
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2009, 22:16:57 PM »
Maverick joined us as an unwanted kitten 6 years come this November - he is missing his back leg but one look at his cute tabby face and home he came - bit of a shock for Robin as I only went to a coffee morning!  A fortnight later I came back with mavericls full by now feral brother Inca!

Maverick loves our house now as for the first time in his life he has access to all the open windows - with a bit of bin staging - wheelie and dustbins he can get in the utility room window and also in the diningroom window thanks to his new bench from his Grandad and his faithful shelf which we removed from our old house after it had been sold  - in the dead of night with an electric screwdriver his daddy retreived his shelf - we forgot it when we moved!

He has never let the missing leg be an issue and is a prolific hunter of rabbits - his best tally to date is 7 in one day!  Folks ask if he limps when he is gioing slow no we say he only has 3 legs!  At pace he can outrun some of the 4 footed Clan members - he is a wonderful tabby boy and has a face that just captured my heart he has the biggest name in the clan for a unique wonderful little soul who is a Mummy's boy through and through - he's my baby mav and his dad's Big mav :Luv2:
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