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Assistant Homing Officer for Canterbury CP..
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2009, 10:54:24 AM »
Is there anyone is the Kent area (but i suppose you dont necessarily have to be in our area) that wishes to get more involved in rescue and help me out abit with our CP branch rehoming.  I know many CP branches are luckily enough to have 2 rehoming people that take it on as a rota system, but sadly in our branch its just me.. And sometimes doing this 24/7 is jolly hard work..

Dealing with people is part of the role a good dose of common sense,  assertiveness and being diplomatic at times. Talking to people on the phone and dealing with emails in a timely manner also important.  We are lucky enough in our branch to have quite few home visiting people but of course never enough..

Anyone interested, then pls do get in touch and perhaps help me save my sanity sometimes it would be great to share the load.. And we are also  a nice bunch of people!!

Telephone expenses are paid for if you use y our own phone, as the even though we do use email alot you do have to speak to people on a regular basis.

This is what CP NCC give the Rehoming Officer role as and i hope that any new person would help share these task (which by the way i dont always do!)

Role Profile – Homing Officer

•   Are you well organised, a good planner and great dealing with the public? Do you have a good telephone manner, and the ability to liaise and network with other volunteers, coupled with a passion to really help animals?
Yes? Then maybe you could help! The work of the branch Homing Officer is to deal with the public on the telephone and manage the branch’s homing operations. You will be working closely with the Welfare Officer and the branch Cat Carers (Fosterers) and Home Visitors. Your efficiency will directly help to increase the numbers of cats homed, and thus the number of cats helped across the region.

You’ll need to be well planned with good record keeping skills, so you know what pens have which cats in, and which pens are free for incoming cats. You’ll have good prioritisation skills, and be friendly and polite to the public at all times, but with the ability to be assertive also.

You’ll be working closely with the public and other branch members, and in many cases you’ll be the public’s first interaction with Cats Protection.

This is an excellent role on the front line, managing the public and helping cats! Your work will really make a difference! Don’t worry though – you don’t need to sit by the phone 24 – 7 but sometimes it feels like it!

Summary of Responsibilities:
To be the first point of contact for public wishing to home a cat or leave a cat
To ensure that the right cat is placed in the right home via the Home Visitors
To ensure that all paperwork is completed once a cat is taken in or homed (usually via the Cat Carers/Fosterers)
To ensure that new owners are supplied with a Homing Pack (via Home Visitors/Cat Carers)
To arrange home visits before a cat is adopted
To ensure regular communication with Cat Carers and to know what cats are where, which are ready for homing, and where there are spaces available
To liaise with relevant branch members to highlight long stay cats or homing issues

You see dead easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cannot save the world, but if everyone does something we can have a jolly good job trying too....

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