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Secur-a-Cat Cat Proofing Garden Kit Highly Recommended by Purrs members

For many people, a major deterrent to having a cat as a pet is the problem of keeping it safe and well without restricting it from leading a normal, happy, outdoor life. However, the problem of keeping an active cat in a safe environment can be solved without necessarily condemning the cat to a life indoors.

Cats which have been kept indoors all their lives adapt reasonably well to their environment provided that they are given ample companionship and attention. However, such an enclosed environment is far from ideal and a solution which permits the cat to have access to a garden as well as the house is preferable.

The advantages of providing an enclosed environment for domestic cats are many. Safety is high on the list but there is also relief from the fear of their being run over, of their causing a problem by digging up the neighbour's best plants, or of their being injured by predators. The need to provide a protected environment becomes more important as the number of hazards rises.

 Imagine how wonderful life would be if you could open the doors to your garden at any time, happy in the knowledge that your cats cannot escape and come to harm.
No more anxious forays into the night searching beneath every bush, tree or car to see if your cat is sheltering there.....
Secur-a-cat offers you this freedom.

 Secur-a-cat is a garden catproofing system that has been designed to keep your cat contained within the boundaries of your own garden.  It comprises an overhang of netting that is secured to the top of an existing framework of solid garden fencing.   Whether that framework is wooden, brick or chainlink is unimportant but it must be in good condition, impenetrable and at least 5ft in height - 6ft is ideal.  Natural hedging is not suitable. 
Angled brackets are fitted to the fence and these are linked by two strands of strong (fine) cord that support lightweight netting.  Cats cannot negotiate the netting which forms the barrier for your garden.

or if a Purrs member by contacting Roz on this forum.

Go to the website here for more info & prices
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