Author Topic: A Note on the sensitive topic of Cat Breeding  (Read 20860 times)

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A Note on the sensitive topic of Cat Breeding
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2009, 16:06:59 PM »
Hi All  :hug:

Cat Breeding is one of those emotional and sensitive topics here on Purrs that may receive a negative reaction due to the fact we are firstly here in support and devoted to cat rescue.
Secondly, we are a friendly place to come and be part of a cat lovers community, where any cat lover/slave  :) can come for valuable advice and chat to like minded friends about the furries in our lives. 

Since our primary concern is with cat rescue, we tend to try and discourage people from breeding and do not promote active breeders or allow direct breeder advertising.

Purrs will not allow discrimination between members who have Pedigree breeds or moggies.    There are many rescue cats that are Pedigrees and moggies, all cats are welcome no matter how the cats have come to be part of a their loved family as well as  all cat lovers (slaves  :evillaugh: ) including responsible, caring breeders. 

Any upsets on the subject should be reported to a members of staff.


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