Author Topic: Homes needed - various UK areas  (Read 4453 times)

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Homes needed - various UK areas
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2008, 20:33:02 PM »
Information received via email from the same small rescue that was helping the staffies:

"Northern England- Castrated Male Rottie x Dobie, 9 years old, ok with dogs but can be grumpy. Due for euthanasia today but have agreed with owner to give me a week. Reason is that her mother is coming to live with her and she does not like dogs! I know he is an oldie but few years left in him yet!

Kent- Entire male Staff type, in pound with tail injury, not in danger yet, have had tail amputated as needed but must now place as soon as possible. Very sweet.  seems ok with dogs. Typical loving staff type
Entire male young rott, nice dog when trust but nervous to begin. Was Death Row dog saved and put into private boarding. Now unable to move on."

I don't know where the last dog is as I've copied the info I was sent directly on to here.

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