Author Topic: Camilla is a 5 year old, female blue colour pointed Ragdoll (Uknown Outcome)  (Read 905 times)

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Camilla is a 5 year old, female blue colour pointed Ragdoll (Uknown Outcome)
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Camilla is a 5 year old, female blue colour pointed Ragdoll. She is neutered, vaccinated (Booster Due: Jan 2009). Her owner tells us she is healthy and that her coat is in good condition and matt free. She tolerates being groomed and is happy to be handled.

She is a friendly, gentle Ragdoll. She loves to be with her owners and sleeps on their bed at night.

Camilla sometimes exhibits stress related inappropriate toileting, when she urinates away from the tray. She started this behaviour when a puppy was introduced to the home. She will exhibit the behaviour for a few days and then it will disappear, sometimes for several months. If rehomed to a pet free environment, it is possible Camilla will cease this behaviour. She is chased by the dog and this may be the route of the problem. We have advised the owner to have Camilla vet checked, just in case the cause is an infection.

Camilla currently lives in France with her family, but they are originally from the UK and come back often, so her owners will happily bring her back to the UK, once a home is found. She travels well and they would rather she was found a loving home in the UK. She has had her rabies vaccination and has a pet passport.

Camilla needs a pet free, child free home, with a family who can cope with the possibility that she may have bouts of inappropriate toileting (a possibility for any cat!) She is primarily an indoor cat, but in the past was allowed outside access. Any access to a garden, must be supervised and the garden must be secure.

If you feel you can give Camilla the chance of a loving home, in spite of her toileting history, then please complete our online application form at, indicating your interest in her.

Photos to follow...
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