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Any contacts with Bright Eyes - sorted
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2008, 22:43:00 PM »
I have been considering adding a long haired cat to my brood of 4 short hairs if I can find the right cat to adopt. I had heard about a long haired stray boy and am waiting to hear more about him. However, in the meantime I've seen the most beautiful cat on the Bright Eyes Animal Sanctuary section at Cat Chat. I've emailed to find out if she is still available. However, I know I am outside their catchment area. Long shot but with the connections between Purrs and Cat Chat I wondered if anyone here knows anyone at Bright Eyes or if its possible to get someone to do the home check etc for me. I've been vetted by CPL before as I adopted 2 of my cats from them last year.

I did start a thread before asking if 5 cats were too many and general consensus makes me hope would be ok. However, am also wondering would one sex or the other make a difference? I have 2 boys (who are 2 and 5) and 2 girls (who are 2 and 6). They are all neutered.

The stray is a boy and the one at Bright Eyes is a girl.
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