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News from Animals Asia
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2008, 16:40:57 PM »
I haven't attached the pictures as they are upsetting. As it says, China needs to join the 21st Century where animal welfare is concerned. I hate this evil barbaric country!

Help to stop the inhumane treatment of dogs & cats in China.

Dear Mark,

©AAF : China's live animal marketsFollowing our presentation at the International Conference on Animal Welfare regarding our Friends or Food and Dr Dog programmes we are delighted to now be working with the Kennel Club UK to highlight this issue. Together we have written an Early Day Motion which Mr Bob Russell MP has tabled on our behalf, calling upon the UK Government to help end this barbaric practice and raise the issue with the Chinese Ambassador.

Early Day Motions provide us an opportunity of highlighting the plight of dog and cats to MP’s and the UK government. By raising this issue we aim to continue to encourage UK government representatives to speak to their Chinese government counterparts about ending this barbaric practice once and for all.

The details of the Early Day Motion are below.

TITLE: Inhumane treatment of dogs in China
DATE INITIATED: 24/06/2008
PROPOSER: Bob Russell MP (Liberal Democrat)
EDM Number: 1882
SESSION: 2007/2008

That this House supports the joint working of Animals Asia Foundation and the Kennel Club in continuing to highlight the inhumane treatment of dogs in China; is appalled by the acts of extreme cruelty which take place in China's animal markets; notes that millions of dogs have been skinned alive and killed for fur and meat; condemns the cruel ways in which these animals are raised, transported and slaughtered; calls upon the Government to do everything in its power to encourage the Chinese government to bring about an urgent end to this barbaric practice, including raising the subject with the Chinese Ambassador in the UK; and calls directly on the Chinese government to bring its laws and practices into the 21st century in relation to animal welfare standards.

Please help us to gain further political support for this EDM – please email your MP by using this website and ask your MP to sign EDM1882 in support of an end to dog and cat eating in China.

Best Wishes,


Dave Neale
UK Director
Animals Asia Foundation
Registered charity No. 1086903

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