Author Topic: A Better Understanding of Natural cat behaviour is the solution to many issues!  (Read 4413 times)

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Traditionally cats are very popular as pets all over the world and when we choose to bring a cat into our lives, alot of the time we expect that we know all about cats and that they fit into our human way of life naturally. This was my thinking when I 1st became a cat "slave"  :evillaugh: but there is sooo much to learn about these wonderful animals and taking the time to read about their natural behaviour really does help to understand why they do things and how they see us. 

For intsance did you know that some don't like their water bowl near their food bowl!!! In the wild cats seek out and hunt for food and water at different times. This is why your pud prefers the outside puddle to the fresh water bowl you lovingly provide every day with their food bowl in the kitchen!!! so you can provide water at different places in the home! 

Whenever there is a behavioual issue where you feel your cat is not fitting in with our way of life, have you ever stopped and asked one question... WHY!!! Why are they doing that instead of seeing them as simply being naughty?  There is always a reason why they start behaviours that don't suit our way of life ie spray in the house etc! So the important question to ask is why! When you know the answer, you are half way there to solving the problem and a better relaxed life for you and your cat.

 Human education is the answer!!!   
Take a look at the  topics in our health and behaviour guides and learn why 1st!!   

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