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SPCA - New Zealand Donations
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2006, 09:17:32 AM »
All you New Zealand Ailurophiles out there get donating to the SPCA!

Norm Hewitt and the SPCA are taking a stand against animal abuse. Worldwide reasearch shows strong links between animal cruelty and family violence, and some of our worst criminals started out by abusing animals at a young age. Research also shows that teaching children empathy, caring for animals with compassion and love, encourage the same behaviour towards each other. Which is why Norm Hewitt will lead an in-school program designed to teach children these positive behavious, so they don't go on to abuse animals or each other. The SPCA receives no Government funding so they need your support to get this campaign to the children. And remembering you're not only helping to protect animals, but the future of our families as well.

New Zealanders, Call 0900 FAMILY to donate $20* Text SPCA to 4483 to donate $3* or visit

*Please ask the bill payer's permission first!!

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