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Below is a list of the smileys available on this forum. Note that smileys may differ from forum to forum.

Please note that not all of the smiley codes will be correctly parsed and converted to images unless their opening spaces are present.

Name Image (click to insert) Code (type to insert)
Video in thread :video in thread: :video in thread:
make difference :make difference: :make difference:
Good Morning 2 :good morning 2: :good morning 2:
Summer flowers :summer flowers: :summer flowers:
Nothing to add :nothing to add: :nothing to add:
Sarcastic Humour! :caution sarcky: :caution sarcky:
Not Answering call :not answering: :not answering:
In the Dog Hse :inthedoghouse: :inthedoghouse:
Poss upsetting image in thread :warning image: :warning image:
Warning poss upsetting photo :warning photo: :warning photo:
talking to me :talking to me: :talking to me:
na na naaa na! :na na naa na: :na na naa na:
xmas welcome :xmas welcome: :xmas welcome:
stick tongue :stick tongue: :stick tongue:
Broken Heart :brokenheart: :brokenheart:
Snigger :heeee heeee: :heeee heeee:
happy dance :happy dance: :happy dance:
Bad Call :angry phone: :angry phone:
Evil laugh :evil larf 2: :evil larf 2:
Lips are sealed :lips sealed: :lips sealed:
Dont get it :dont get it: :dont get it:
Nice thread :nice thread: :nice thread:
Dance Narna :dance narna: :dance narna:
Take mickey :take mickey: :take mickey:
you go girl :you go girl: :you go girl:
Narna dance :narna dance: :narna dance:
Get well 3 :get well 3: :get well 3:
Nice Cuppa :nice cuppa: :nice cuppa:
Strawberry time :strawberry: :strawberry:
R U There? :are there?: :are there?:
Back to topic :back topic: :back topic:
No Smoking :no smoking: :no smoking:
No Comment :no comment: :no comment:
She did it! :she did it: :she did it:
Conspiracy :conspiracy: :conspiracy:
xmas carol :xmas carol: :xmas carol:
merry xmas :merry xmas: :merry xmas:
Gold stars :gold stars: :gold stars:
give up :white flag: :white flag:
hand shock :shock hand: :shock hand:
peace :give peace: :give peace:
R U Chicken :r u chicken :r u chicken
Evil Laugh :evillaugh: :evillaugh:
Attention :attention: :attention:
Dont know :Dont know: :Dont know:
Cant hear! :notlisten: :notlisten:
Blow Kiss :blow kiss: :blow kiss:
Cooooorrr! :cccooorrr: :cccooorrr:
:1st place: :1st place: :1st place:
Thats Funny :cat laugh: :cat laugh:
Sneeky Pic :pic sneek: :pic sneek:
reading 2 :reading 2: :reading 2:
auction 2 :auction 2: :auction 2:
Hair Rasing :hairrasin: :hairrasin:
Winner is.. :winner is: :winner is:
Too Hot! :summer 2 : :summer 2 :
Im very busy :very Busy: :very Busy:
Good Post :good post: :good post:
need pics :need pics: :need pics:
snowball 1 :snowball1: :snowball1:
Nice meet ya :nice meet: :nice meet:
run hands :rub hands: :rub hands:
pull hair :pull hair: :pull hair:
Censored :censored: :censored:
Who me!! :innocent: :innocent:
Hurry up!! :need loo: :need loo:
Applause :Applause: :Applause:
Congrats :congrats: :congrats:
Tounge 2 :tongue 2: :tongue 2:
cat chatin :cat chat: :cat chat:
Thankyou :thankyou: :thankyou:
Group hug :grouphug: :grouphug:
Cool Pics :coolpics: :coolpics:
Happy Birth :birthday: :birthday:
Tongue 3 :tongue 3: :tongue 3:
Thinking :thinking: :thinking:
Pat on Head :head rub: :head rub:
get well 1 :get well: :get well:
Fink Not! :thinknot: :thinknot:
Cat love 2 :catlove2: :catlove2:
Summer 1 :summer 1: :summer 1:
Summers here :summer 3: :summer 3:
Cat play :catplay2: :catplay2:
Im bored :im bored: :im bored:
Im New here :new here: :new here:
ploppeee :plopeeee: :plopeeee:
xmas cat :xmas cat: :xmas cat:
Made my day :made day: :made day:
Nananana :na na na: :na na na:
Hear yee :hear yee: :hear yee:
handbags :handbags: :handbags:
Welcome :welcome: :welcome:
Waitin! :waiting: :waiting:
catlove :catlove: :catlove:
Donate 2 :donate2: :donate2:
sneakin off :sneakin: :sneakin:
Scratch :scratch: :scratch:
Sad Bye :Sad Bye: :Sad Bye:
Purrfect birthday :birth 6: :birth 6:
Party 3 :Party 3: :Party 3:
Flowers :Flowers: :Flowers:
Birthday :birth 2: :birth 2:
Birth pressie :pressie: :pressie:
Briggin :briggin: :briggin:
Naughty :naughty: :naughty:
Shocked :shocked: :shocked:
morning :morning: :morning:
auction 1 :win bid: :win bid:
Very entertaining! :popcorn: :popcorn:
Fingers crossed :crossed: :crossed:
Cat rub :cat rub: :cat rub:
Beach 2 :beach 2: :beach 2:
All ears :allears: :allears:
Grrrrrrr :grrrrrr: :grrrrrr:
dancing chicken :chicken: :chicken:
hee hee hee :hee hee: :hee hee:
Oh well :oh well: :oh well:
new yr 1 :newyr 1: :newyr 1:
larf at :larf at: :larf at:
gottcha :gottcha: :gottcha:
In my opinion: :opinion: :opinion:
im back :im bacl: :im bacl:
No sad :sad no: :sad no:
Cheeky :cheeky: :cheeky:
Nooooo :Nooooo: :Nooooo:
Scared :scared: :scared:
sneakie :sneaky: :sneaky:
snooty :snooty: :snooty:
thanks :thanks: :thanks:
Oh Nooooo :oh noo: :oh noo:
really! :really: :really:
Wayheyyyy! :oolala: :oolala:
Wrong button! :pcprob: :pcprob:
Hungie! :hungey: :hungey:
Give in :givein: :givein:
donate1 :donate: :donate:
Thumb down :thumbd: :thumbd:
Me stupid!! :stupid: :stupid:
Need feedin :feedme: :feedme:
Yes Sir :yessir: :yessir:
cat luv :catluv: :catluv:
Good point :gpoint: :gpoint:
cheesy :cheese: :cheese:
Drink2 :drink2: :drink2:
raining :rainin: :rainin:
Ha ha look :ha ha : :ha ha :
Look up :look 2: :look 2:
Candle :candle: :candle:
Cuddle :cuddle: :cuddle:
Shoosh :shoosh: :shoosh:
Reading 1 :read 1: :read 1:
The best :best 2: :best 2:
Nananana :nerner: :nerner:
Larf :larf 2: :larf 2:
Closed :closed: :closed:
Wooooo :wooooo: :wooooo:
Yawn :yawn 2: :yawn 2:
Cute cat :cutety: :cutety:
Agreed :agreed: :agreed:
Boring! :boring: :boring:
made a booboo :booboo: :booboo:
Not listening! :lalala: :lalala:
Shucks :shucks: :shucks:
Aaarggh :Arrrrh: :Arrrrh:
Busted :busted: :busted:
Wassup :wassup: :wassup:
Staff edit large :edit 2: :edit 2:
xmas 7 :xmas 7: :xmas 7:
xmas 8 :xmas 8: :xmas 8:
xmas 6 :xmas 6: :xmas 6:
Yes no :yes no: :yes no:
secret :secret: :secret:
Boxer :boxer: :boxer:
Cheer :cheer: :cheer:
Brickwall :brick: :brick:
Drunk :drink: :drink:
Crazy :Crazy: :Crazy:
Shifty :shify: :shify:
knackered :tired: :tired:
Excited :yesss: :yesss:
Smile :smile: :smile:
Birthday2 :birth: :birth:
Faint :faint: :faint:
Troll :troll: :troll:
sorry :sorry: :sorry:
Oooops! :ooops: :ooops:
Cheeky Devil :devil: :devil:
Handshake :shake: :shake:
Party cat :disco: :disco:
angel :angel: :angel:
Where :where: :where:
Hello :Hello: :Hello:
drool :drool; :drool;
not me :notme: :notme:
Yayyy :yayyy: :yayyy:
Owwww :owwww: :owwww:
puppy :puppy: :puppy:
NO NO!! :no no: :no no:
Gimme!! :gimme: :gimme:
Rules :rules: :rules:
agree :agree: :agree:
Print :print: :print:
plant gone :pgone: :pgone:
Stardance :star1: :star1:
Star scared :star2: :star2:
A cake for you :cake4: :cake4:
Happy dance :dance: :dance:
Smack bum :smack: :smack:
da best da best da best
Eeeww :eeeew: :eeeew:
Spam! :spam2: :spam2:
Relax Time :) :relax: :relax:
Video :video: :video:
xmas 1 :xmas1: :xmas1:
xmas 5 :xmas5: :xmas5:
Nawty! :nawty: :nawty:
Drama :drama: :drama:
Clap :clap: :clap:
Idea :idea: :idea:
Maddd! :mad2: :mad2:
ROFL :rofl: :rofl:
sick :sick: :sick:
slap :slap: :slap:
Luck :luck: :luck:
Look :look: :look:
wind up :stir: :stir:
wish :wish: :wish:
Talk to hand :talk: :talk:
Care :care: :care:
Gotta feed :feed: :feed:
ooooo! :bath: :bath:
Beer :beer: :beer:
Nitenite :nite: :nite:
Help :help: :help:
u getting wet!! :rain: :rain:
sigh :sigh: :sigh:
cold :cold: :cold:
playtime :play: :play:
stop :stop: :stop:
Yawn :yawn: :yawn:
Cookin :cook: :cook:
Best :best: :best:
Duel :duel: :duel:
garf :garf: :garf:
Poke :poke: :poke:
fish :fish: :fish:
Lick :lick: :lick:
cake :cake: :cake:
Rage :rage: :rage:
Pooh!! :fart: :fart:
on ya bike :bike: :bike:
What!! :what: :what:
Vote :vote: :vote:
U R Funny :larf: :larf:
Awwwwch! :awch: :awch:
Luv 2 :Luv2: :Luv2:
:looney: :loon: :loon:
Come get it! :come: :come:
Spam :spam: :spam:
It Be Hot!! :hot!: :hot!:
Lol! :lol2: :lol2:
Pphew :phew: :phew:
Bump :bump: :bump:
Calm peas :) :calm: :calm:
Oops! :oops: :oops:
Staff Edit small :edit: :edit:
Bye :bye: :bye:
Bum :bum: :bum:
DOH! :doh: :doh:
Hug :hug: :hug:
Luv :Luv: :Luv:
Shy :shy: :shy:
wow :wow: :wow:
Can't see!! :see: :see:
Driving :car: :car:
need a cuppa :tea: :tea:
Yes Yes! :yes: :yes:
pat on back :pat: :pat:
Bow :bow: :bow:
Bye :Bye: :Bye:
ahh :ahh: :ahh:
OMG :omg: :omg:
say cheese :pic: :pic:
I luv art :art: :art:
:bee: :bee: :bee:
Yuk :yuk: :yuk:
Mad :mad: :mad:
Run :run: :run:
OK :ok: :ok:
Na! :no: :no:
:Ummmm: :um: :um:
HI :hi: :hi:
Oi grrrr :Oi: :Oi:
Angry >:( >:(
Embarrassed :-[ :-[
Cry :'( :'(
blank expression! :-: :-:
A :A: :A:
B :B: :B:
C :C: :C:
D :D: :D:
E :E: :E:
F :F: :F:
G :G: :G:
H :H: :H:
I :I: :I:
J :J: :J:
K :K: :K:
L :L: :L:
M :M: :M:
N :N: :N:
O :O: :O:
P :P: :P:
Q :Q: :Q:
R :R: :R:
S :S: :S:
T :T: :T:
V :V: :V:
W :W: :W:
X :X: :X:
Z :Z: :Z:
Y :Y: :Y:
U :U: :U:
Wink ;) ;)
Grin ;D ;D
Sad :( :(
Shocked :o :o
Cool 8) 8)
Tongue :P :P
smile :) :)

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