Author Topic: Novel way of raising Christmas dosh  (Read 7633 times)

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Re: Novel way of raising Christmas dosh
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Hi Teresa,

Last night was the annual Wood Green Carol Concert at Godmanchester and it is always lovely.  They charge people an entrance fee but there are lots of festive stalls around the arena and coffee, chocolate, tea or mulled wine and mince pies etc on offer. Loads of people bring their dogs with them...all rehomed from Wood Green. :Luv: The Salvation Army or some local Brass band always provide the music and prayers. (for the animals) Christmas trees abound and tinsel and fairy lights and.... well, I could go on.........

The wonderful part is when the children (from local schools) enact the Nativity Scene and the pen is filled with some of the animals from Wood Green.  Usually there are donkeys and sheep in the pen but last night we had Llamas...who were so quiet and dignified and gorgeous.  Apparently, they didn't have any donkeys at the Sanctuary this year...which is the first time ever. But the Llamas were so lovely...even if they weren't strictly authentic...but their big bruvs are (camels) ha ha.

During one of the carols, there is a whip round for the Shelter and I'm sure everyone gives generously.  The chairman of Wood Green always welcomes everyone and makes a speech.......and it is just the best way to kick start Christmas.

If I ever realise my dream and have the funds to start a sanctuary, I shall have a Carol Concert with children and animals as part of the show.  I think it forms great memories for children and hopefully results in a lasting bond with animals. 

Lots of love


P.S. I might copy this onto the General Chat Section, just in case anyone else went last night as well. :)
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Re: Novel way of raising Christmas dosh
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I like the paying to keep them away bit  :rofl:

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Novel way of raising Christmas dosh
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2006, 14:01:29 PM »
Some of the vets and nurses at the practice I use have offered to go carol singing at clients homes to raise funds for Paws Inn . What is amazing is that some people are paying for them to do this, even more amazing others are paying for them to keep away.
Short notice I know but tap up your vets quickly.


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