Author Topic: CP Spring Fair - Community Hall, Oxford Street, Whitstable. Saturday 19th April  (Read 4326 times)

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Actually i think its 10am until 2pm.. Not too bad this way, not really sunny but no rain or snow!!

May see some of you.. We need to make some money as the vets want except Monolopy money anymore!
Cannot save the world, but if everyone does something we can have a jolly good job trying too....

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  • Where are we supposed to sleep, then?

I think Mark fell asleep after all his hard work today.  :briggin:

I honestly don't know about allowing dogs into the hall. Knowing the autocratic  :censored: I suspect the answer will be no.  :(

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sounds like a good excuse for an outing, can Shadow come? Tell us when and we will be there  :wow:

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What times does it run from and to Mark?

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Pick up a few bargains and have fish & chips by the sea. That is if the wind doesn't blow you away  :tired:

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