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Re: News flashes on forum for needy cats
« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2007, 07:15:30 AM »
Hi Tan our dear Milo is a needy puss that perhaps needs abit more coverage to find  him a retirment home.. His details are here and will get another photo of him during the weekend if possilble.

We took Milo in about two month ago, after being picked up by a member of the public and taken to the vets, suspecting he had been involved in a RTA.. It turned out the Milo had no injuries at all, but was very confused and it became very obvious that he was blind in one eye..

Milo was unwanted and would probably of been put to sleep had we not agreed to take him on...

Milo is a senior puss of unknown years, he is black all over with a few grey hairs in there for good measure, and has obviously had a bit of a hard time.. He is blind in one eye but can see out of the other a little. Due to Milo"s extreme age is has a problem finding the litter tray unless he has some guidance, he therefore needs to be rehomed to a home where he can safely potter around an enclosed garden or somewhere where it would be easy to clean up should he miss his tray... This may sound all abit to much for most people and we have no doubt he is going to be a very difficult cat to rehome.. But Milo"s saving grace is his personality, he can literally love you to bits.. having been starved of affection for so long he dots over anyone and anything that gives him just one kind hand of affection..

Milo sleep alot and doesn"t really play, he loves sitting in the sunshine and watching the grass grow....having reduced sight his smell sense if finally tuned. However, you still have to poke food under his nose to remind him every now again where his food bowl is. We realise Milo" age is against him and he may not have many more years in him, but who knows........At least he has been given a chance of some TLC and affection rather then ending his days on the streets..

Any dedicated animal lover who has a particular affection to a golden oldie, then Milo fits your bill...

At the moment we have built Milo an ouside run where he can sit and ponder, he has shelter at night and lovely warm blankets, but this isn't going to be such a great idea when our cold days come along...

If you want to know abit more abit him, then PLEASE give us a ring and we will do our best to answer any queries you may have....

We all get old eventually, its just a shame that in Milo"s case he may never get to loving home unless someone can look past his age and his problems, and see a loving loyal cat.
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News flashes on forum for needy cats
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2007, 13:40:58 PM »
I will be  very happy to add any babes that are looking for a home to the news flash section with a link to the thread giving the details of the needy babe.
As we can only have a maxiumum of 3 needy cats on our news flash section at one time, Our news flashes for Urgent cases, hard to home cats etc wil take prority over any non urgent cases.   

The news flash section is always shown up in search engines and is always on the front page of the forum.

PLease let me know if you  would like to add any cats (from any of our rescues or private members) to the news flash section. 


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