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Use for this section
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2007, 14:07:17 PM »
Hi This section can be used to post about other animal  news and welfare issues that we can help with and that maybe seen as upsetting for some.

Please note There has always been an understanding that anything nasty ie pics or links to horrible sites that are there purely to shock members would be deleted and that is still the case.  As we are all animal lovers i am sure none of us would do that anyway, unless we had a troll deliberately upsetting us in which case they would be banned.

As these posts can still be seen in the recent posts and show unread posts links, please still continue to place a warning symbol and an appropriate title on your posts.

If there is a petition to sign, please state "Petition" in the title so our members who wish to sign the petition will read it.

Thanks so much for considering all our members.


PLease note there will be some in this section that are old threads and without the above guideline brought in recently.  :thanks:
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