Author Topic: Darling Blue feral of the Clan Cats  (Read 1272 times)

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Re: Darling Blue feral of the Clan Cats
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Rest in peace darling Blue x
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Darling Blue feral of the Clan Cats
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2021, 19:31:56 PM »
Today on this Autumn Equinox our darling Blue feral died with his favourite Bengal girls Nutella, Harmony and Peanut 2 on the catroom bed with him at 11.20 this morning
Blue was trapped as he was terrorising my neighbours cats, so once trapped phoned the vets and they said bring him in and we will get everything done, that was the start of an expensive day for us as Blue had an undescended testicle, a hernia and a couple of broken teeth out.  The vet Charlie said he was one of the worst ferals he had ever seen and he fought sedation and did some damage!
So I duly bought Blue home feeling sorry for himself and we popped him in the downstairs study for recuperation for a couple of weeks before we could let him back out.  Blue had other ideas and refused to leave so he sort of stayed and became one of our inside crew joining as a devoted Sabrina slave and one of our indoor kids
He had attitude and hiss but was a runner not a fighter and in all his time here he never passed his attitude to any of the kittens and could be the best Uncle to them
He went deaf about 4 years ago and that made it easier for us to sneak up on him and pop him in to a crush cage, his next visit to the vet was 2013 with Ace yes some time had elapsed as we never got that close on entering the track saw something slinking up the dashboard on the passenger side then moving up the dashboard and hell Blue is out of his crush cage and then decides to sit on the drivers side of the dashboard above the steering wheel by this point my heart is racing and I am wondering how the hell I am going to get out of the car and how the hell is he going back in the crush cage and he is only 8 inches off my face, fortunately after a bit of a run around the car and adding in an extra cat box finally after 25 mins he is back in the crush cage oh yes this boy could still scare me!
He settled in to life here with gusto and loved all the girls, Annie, Maddison, Harmony, Pagan and so many more
He was aging now as he was about 3 in 2008 and today peacefully in his own way went surrounded by his ladies all pedigree the boy had it so to speak
So god speed darling Blue to join the cats at the Bridge
We loved you hisses and all and will miss you forever
Blue trapped 23 July 2008 our first Fetternear trapping
Died at home Wednesday 22 September 2021 - A Clan cat forever x
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