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Author Topic: Bubz is over licking  (Read 131 times)

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Bubz is over licking
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2021, 14:47:35 PM »
She's stopped squawking, thankfully, but from the mid/late Dec she's been almost over-grooming. At first it was very nearly aggressively pulling clumps of fur out of her tail, flank and one back leg. I took her to the vet who gave her a steroid jab which worked well for a while but then it started again resulting in another vet visit plus another steroid jab. The second one's not been very successful, compared to the first.

The vet also suggested diffusers like Felliway Optimum. When she took up  residence here I tried what's probably being marketed as Felliway Classic but Bubz didn't respond in the way I'd hoped. What are your experiences?

Helen A (mainly on behalf of Bubz)


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