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:xmas 8: :newyr 1: :xmas 8:

This year the auction is a special one in memory of our Gilly who fought so hard but sadly we lost her on 11th May 2020. Her darling Lupin is loving life with Linda who adopted him. Linda is a caring, wonderful lady who runs a cattery / kennels and also rescues and rehomes sooo many furkids in Wales - Pawsawyle Cat and Kitten rescue.   Our target is as much as we can raise for the needy furbabes not as lucky as our own  ;D   :look:
 :make difference:  :ahh:

Our first Christmas Auction was on organised on Cat Chat way back in 2006, where has the time gone?  :catplay2: in previous years we have raised astounding amounts  :wow: This year is a mini auction with no sponsorship items but with loads of wonderful Cat stuff up for grabs at bargin prices if ya lucky!  :wow:
We hope we can help the needy cats in Linda's rescue as much as possible.  :Luv:

All the Auction Team are amazed each year at all your generosity Purrs peeps and for this we humbly thank you  :bow: :bow: :bow:

I know times are hard for so many esp with this awful year of Covid 19 virus  but if you are able, please help and support the auction. You can either auction items or be a bidder or both!  ;D

It will be great fun as usual with loads of madness over the two weeks and every little bit counts to help the sick and homeless cats that are not so lucky as our own furkids.   :agree:

The auction will start on Sunday 22nd November at 3pm (1500 hrs) , run for TWO WEEKS and close on Sunday 6th December at midday 12pm 1200hrs which allows time for all payments to be made to the rescue before Christmas and a quick sprint to the Post Office to easily catch the last post before Christmas.

After 3pm on the 22nd November - Everyone with items to be auctioned, simply please start a new thread under the 2020 Christmas Auction section (a separate new thread for each item) as follows:

1. The subject of the thread needs to be the name of the item for auction.
2. In the message box you need to give a clear description of the item, with a picture if possible (items sell better with a pic!), the start price if there is one and any other useful information!! To add a pic attach a small pic to your thread or include a image link in your text.
3. Staring Bid £ is optional.  -If something is likely to get lots of bids then starting it off at 1p or 99p won't hurt but if something is a bit more specialist eg a microchip cat flap, that might only get one or two people bidding on it so best to start the price off at a realistic level so it doesn't end up going for 99p!
4. It is suggested that where it is not actually a cat related item you come up with a devious and witty way of linking it to cats just for fun but not necessary ;)
5. Post your thread and that's it!  ;D

All postable items or services offered (umm nowt "dodgey" services please  :-: :star1: ) can be put up for auction.  No items can be listed until  22nd November at 3pm.........when I will say open for bidding or some such phrase   :evil larf 2:

Please spread out items over the whole length of the auction so we have new items coming on each day  :ok:

Here's a link to a previous auction section so you can see how things are done :),143.0.html

Remember dear peeps that the aim is to sell sell sell..........ummmmmm did I steal that  :evillaugh:..............and get as much money as possible for those needy cats that aint as lucky (yet) as our own.  :ok:

Once the auction closes on the 6th Dec, The auctioneers kindly need to to cover all UK postage and packing costs of the items to be sent to the winning bidders.

Thanks very much.  :cat rub:

Royal Mail Postage rates

UK prices for each size & weight bracket -see below tables
To work out how much stuff costs to post have a look at this weblink to Royal Mail "get a price"-
Basically if it's from 0.5cm up to 2.5cm (approx as thick as a DVD wrapped in a jiffy bag) it's a large letter, if it's thicker than 2.5cm it's a small packet etc...

A certificate of posting must be obtained for any items where the original monetary value is under £41 and it goes by letter or packet post.
With a higher original monetary value, a recorded signed for service and insurance to cover the value should be used. Sadly there is no longer a one price fee for recorded items. Each recorded item has it own price depending on size and weight.

If it's over 1000g (1KG) in weight there is no 2nd class post or if it's even bigger or heavier or for some parcels a courier like Hermes is cheaper than Royal Mail and you can get prices from Hermes website - 

International prices can be found here

Once the auctioneers start threads with the auction items, the bidding can commence as soon as an item is posted. You bid by making a reply post on the thread. The test must include at a minimum your bid ie 50p or £1000  ;) :rofl: We very much welcome fighting  :naughty: and we have excellent smileys in our [more] smileys section for this ie  :nerner: :stick tongue: :larf at: :handbags: :thinknot: ) Of course you must bid a higher amount than the bid posted before!  :evillaugh: :evillaugh:

 :sorry: there can be NO bumping or only chattin on the item auction threads - basically the rule is there must be a higher bid amount on every post so that all items get the same fair chance.  :agree: Periodically through out the auction we will summarize the top bids for each item and the current winning bidder on each thread or in the best way we can do it. This will include Auction staff moving items about so that different items are seen at the top etc (we do use the term "bump" etc but only auction staff are allowed  :sneaky:)

The highest bid at 1200hrs ( using the Purrs site clock) on 6th December will be the winner of the item!  ;D

International bidders are welcome  :hug: BUT the shipping cost of your lucky win would need to be paid by the winning bidder for a tracked international service. This starts at a cost of £8.75. If you are an International bidder/winner the auctioneer will weigh and let you know the cost of shipping to your country, this needs to be paid to the auctioneer before the item is sent. PLEASE NOTE - Only small shippable items can be sent abroad and the item may not arrive with you pre Christmas with delays due to Covid.


All bidders undertake to pay the full amount to Pawsawyle rescue direct , and only on receipt of the money and when i post on each thread that it has been received, will the item will be dispatched first or second class or Hermes courier so that it arrives before Christmas, subject to any snail-like posties!  Please bear with us marking items as money received as Linda is a busy lady and it make take a while to let me know which monies have been paid.

On 6th December at 1200 hrs when the auction ends, there will be instructions on how to send your money to Linda and how to contact the Auctioneer with your address for your winning item. 

That's it!  :wooooo:

Not only is this a serious auction for a great cause but it is of course total madness and we expect everyone to act accordingly,  :evillaugh: so loads of fun can be had by all!  :stick tongue: :duel: :gottcha: :yes no: :evil larf 2:

Good luck to everyone, have a great time, lets see some great items up for auction and may the best woman win! Oooops did I say woman? I meant person , of course   :yesss: :yesss:
Any questions Just ask in our chattin thread -
as this one is for information only.

Lets hope we can raise an amazing amount of money again this year for the needy homeless cats and thank you so much in advance to everyone who auctions and bids.  :hug: :thanks: :hug:

 :snowball1: :snowball1: :xmas 7: :snowball1:
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