Author Topic: A Mad cat lovers account of introduction gone wrong and how i solved it with Behaviourist Wizz help  (Read 639 times)

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So good to read this, Tan.  Had me grinning from war to ear.   ;D

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Well done Tan, clearly your patience was rewarded!  ;D

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This is a summary  :briggin: of what Wizz was telling me to do and what happened ie emails to and fro .
It's a long read but def well worth reading it all cause it might help.   

Rio was the older, resident cat and was the one who was scared of little new commer Gizzy (whom we got after Ochi Rio’s brother got killed RTA.)
Rio stayed outside and would not come in the house at all for about 2 weeks.  It was very upsetting to see Rio like that so I sort the help of an excellent cat behaviorist called  Wizz – Wizz cat rescue & professional cat behaviorist .
Wizz (behaviourist) parts in blue my responses in black..

Please click on the safe attached pdf sheet below and open file in acrobat reader to read, mobiles should open automatically
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