Author Topic: Peeing outside the box (again)  (Read 3412 times)

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Re: Peeing outside the box (again)
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2017, 21:50:20 PM »
I know I bang on about it a lot, but try Zylkene, It's a milk protein based vet recommended product that you open the capsules and mash it into wet food, it helped a lot with behavioural problems with my latest rescue. Also try using an enzymatic cleaner, PAH sell it although I am a lazy cow and can't be bothered to drive that far so I get mine from my local Vets, by the time I have paid for petrol it's probably about even. Ordinary washing will kill the smell for us, but cats olfactory organs are so much more sensitive. You can also get the Pet Rescue and Feliway diffusers. I hope that helps, along with maybe treat balls that he has to work for to keep him occupied?
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Peeing outside the box (again)
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2017, 20:41:59 PM »
For starters i should probably say that i dont believe this is a medical problem or a case i need to clean out the trays more.

Recently i made Beanie a lovely bed big enough to contain him as he is part maine coon and gigantic. He loved it, took to it quicker than any other bed hes been bought since weve had him.

Unfortunately about a week and a half ago my nan had a heart attack. Luckily she got away with minimal damage but still needs alot of help and as the rest of my family is busy i decided to visit her a few times a week and help her out. I tend to leave about 6am and get home from 7pm onwards as she lives an hour and a half away.

This has meant Beanie has been on his own alot, as my nan has a very excitable dog and getting Beanie into his carrier is a 45 minute job i didnt think it was a good idea bringing him with me. The first couple of times he peed in his new bed i wrote it off as i needed to clean his litter trays out but hes done it a few more times since then even if one tray has needed cleaning and the other is fine.

This morning i made sure that both trays were completely clean before i left the house. So as you can imagine i was quite annoyed that yet again he had peed in his new bed. Into the washing machine yet again.

I think ive worked out that the times he has done this has been the same days as i have been going to look after my nan and therefore i have been out all day. Its weird because before it could be that i was out for the day and he didnt act like. My guess is its some form of seperation anxiety and i get that he is off his routine but at the moment its not like i have much of a choice.

If anyone has any advice on this please let me know as its becoming very frustrating and not really what i need right now


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