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Keeping Your Cat Safe
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2007, 17:04:42 PM »

Many people these days fear letting their cats outdoors. In my opinion they do miss out by being kept indoors. Please look at alternatives like fencing in your garden before coming to that decision. Cats have instincts and should be allowed to live life to the full. Should you choose to keep a cat indoors it is important to make adjustments to create a cat friendly home.

Keep Your Cat In At Night
Cat Safety: Many people still feel that it is in the cat's best interest to go out at night. A cat will sleep on average 16 hours out of every 24 hours - more when they are old. By putting your cat out at night they are more likely to be run over after dark and from a behavioural point of view you may be unwittingly causing it extreme stress. It has no "safe-haven" to get back to - i.e. your house, it will be cold and will be at risk from a number of feral cats that are out and about after dark. These feral cats do not have "homes" and are therefore extremely territorial. They will fight for their territory and food and are constantly on the look out for a female mate. They may carry diseases such as FIV  FelV (Feline Aids Virus and Feline Leukaemia Virus). All advice given on this website is by expert cat owners. It is not in any way meant to be used in replacement to any vet or other professional advice. The owner takes no responsibility of any consequences due to any of the information held within the site.

Keeping your cat safe indoors and outdoorsBoth these viruses attack the immune system and may be fatal. This is not a safe time for our domestic cats to be out and about as these feral cats will do whatever it takes to defend their territory. Your cat will merely be looking for somewhere warm and safe to sleep. Where will he find this on a freezing cold winter's night.


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