Author Topic: Bramble's Stubborn Adventure  (Read 4162 times)

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Re: Bramble's Stubborn Adventure
« Reply #2 on: August 04, 2017, 20:01:03 PM »
Aw Dave, that's real progress.  My fingers are well and truly crossed.   :)

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Bramble's Stubborn Adventure
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2017, 18:50:09 PM »
I thought I'd better start a new thread here, since it looks like being a long story!
Bramble has been refusing to come in, apart from for food, and running off before I can close the door on her, for almost 4 weeks, but I think I'm steadily making progress. I didn't see her at all yesterday, but this morning I looked out of the bathroom window and saw her sitting on the wall.

She's been closer than that, but today, when I came downstairs and appeared at the door, she didn't run away. That's a first!
This evening was even better. I went out with a handful of pieces of lamb, to bribe Lily into coming close enough for me to grab her (it worked!),and saw Bramble nearby, so I threw her a chunk of meat, but kept my distance. She scoffed that, and patiently waited for more. The only reason I'm not having a vegetarian meal tomorrow is that a neighbour's kid came past on a bike and scared her off. It wasn't deliberate, and the kid wasn't being horrible, so I can't really complain, and at least it wasn't me who scared Bramble!


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