Author Topic: JayJay abandoned senior Kittizen - SORTED!  (Read 4092 times)

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Re: JayJay abandoned senior Kittizen London area but can travel
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Poor old chap! I do hope you can find him the loving home that he deserves.

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Re: JayJay abandoned senior Kittizen London area but can travel
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 :( awww poor little puss
Please consider the harder to home cats in rescue.

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Re: JayJay abandoned senior Kittizen London area but can travel
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Poor boy...............some people!

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Re: JayJay abandoned senior Kittizen London area but can travel
« Reply #2 on: July 04, 2014, 12:21:45 PM »

Poor JayJay.  To be abandoned at his age in life is tremendously sad.  He sounds adorable too.

Really hope some one can give this lovely guy a place to rest his weary old bones in comfort and safety. 

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JayJay abandoned senior Kittizen - SORTED!
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2014, 09:52:49 AM »
I was taken to a house last night where the owner had died last year and his family have cleared out the house but left his poor cat JayJay behind!

JayJay was named after the old boys grandchildren whose names both began with J, and it's the parents of these kids, now in their 20s, who have abandoned the poor cat.   >:(

JayJay is a beautiful older boy, around 16 to 18 years and Very cuddly, I sat on the lawn for 30 minutes with him just loving up on my lap, and me a complete stranger! He has been fed by Elaine, the old mans neighbour, for the last year but she is moving soon and doesn't want JayJay to be left alone again. JayJay spends his nights on a blanket in her shed, and was so cold last winter.  :(

He is described as very hungry and losing weight, although to me he seems in wonderful condition and has healthy teeth and is a good weight for his age, if he were my cat I'd be getting him tested for HyperThyroidism, an easily managed condition, but one that will lead to his ultimate demise if left unchecked. I'm very drawn to this little guy myself but he lives less than 100 yards from me, so even if I adopt him as a feeder, he would stillbe yelling to get in at his old house or Elaine's each day.

JayJay is white and black with gorgeous eyeliner, very attractive markings and gets on well with Elaine's female cat, as he's an older boy he will need a home with calmer occupants. I understand that he is neutered (there's no package to speak of! ) but is unlikely to have had much in the way of vaccinations or microchipping. I am willing to assist with these costs if the right home can be found for him.

If anyone can offer a home for JayJay in his final years, I will undertake to deliver him to you, within reason, obviously, and I just happen to have a north south run coming up next weekend 12th July.

I'm going round to see Elaine with my camera later, so will take some pics of JayJay and post them on Purrs.
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