Author Topic: Good News! US study on FIV+ and FIV- living safely together  (Read 1697 times)

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Re: Good News! US study on FIV+ and FIV- living safely together
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Thanks janey this is just what one of our new members need  ;D

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Good News! US study on FIV+ and FIV- living safely together
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Most of us on this forum already know that FIV positive and negative cats can live happily and healthily together, when neutered and living harmoniously in a normal household, so it's good to hear that this message is finally getting through in veterinary circles… this from the US…

Good news for FIV cats - as a study published in The Veterinary Journal, shows that FIV positive and FIV negative cats can live safely and happily together.

A new study in The Veterinary Journal written by Annette L. Litster of Purdue University’s (Lafayette, Indiana) College of Veterinary Medicine’s Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences presents Lister’s conclusions about FIV positive and negative cats living together.

Litster’s studies document FIV positive and negative cats living together harmoniously without the disease being transmitted among the group members, despite sharing all the same bowls, litter boxes, bedding and engaging in mutual grooming and even episodes of mild aggression.

These studies coupled with the further understanding of exactly how FIV is spread demonstrates why it is not valid to assume that FIV positive cats can’t live together with their fellow uninfected feline friends. The vast majority of cats, once neutered, have no desire to bite the other cats they live with. They may play fight, but this rarely leads to a serious bite which is what would be required to inject the virus.

Read more: ... ether.html

Also Cat Chat's page on FIV here:

The less unfounded fear about FIV, the more FIV+ cats can be homed, to normal, mixed households.

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