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As there have been no updates I'll move this to sorted now.
Please consider the harder to home cats in rescue.

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Please consider the harder to home cats in rescue.

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Have PMd you, Lee. 

I can resize your photo and post it on this thread if you like?

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We are looking for a new, cat loving home for our cat Luleck (Lou-leck)

We inherited Luleck and one other cat when we moved into our house and no one seems to know who he belonged too; though he always hung around our house. My housemate has an allergy to cats and Luleck unfortunately, cannot live indoors or have access to our house. He lives outside but has a warm shed to go too each night. Our other cat is fairly old but Luleck has no issues with her at all.

He is a wonderful cat. He is so loving and funny, inquisitive, friendly, loves attention and he talks :) He enjoys having the freedom of been outdoors, so a new home will definitely need a cat flap. He comes in most mornings and evenings for his food though spends the rest of the time outside. In addition to my flatmates allergy, we have lots of foxes in the area and I have attempted to make our garden as fox free as possible but Luleck runs the gauntlet after dark and I don't want anything to happen to him.

Luleck age has been guessed at 4-5 years old and he had his annual injections last year and 4 months ago was wormed and de-flead.

I have just the one picture of Luleck when he was relaxing on the deck this summer, not the best pic but this site says the file is too large. I have some pics on my phone or I could email you. He is a strong and sturdy cat and he deserves a new home that he can be safe and have access to the outdoors and inside. If you want a cat that likes love, will come when you call and is friendly and smart; then Luleck is the one.

I am a huge animal fan and I will miss him but I will feel so much happier once a new home is found.

Hope to hear from anyone looking for a special cat, no charge. Please; only genuine, kind animal/cat lovers to reply.

Thank you.


London - Shepherds Bush
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