Author Topic: Please help. Bella, 3 yr little grey & white fluffy princess (Uknown Outcome)  (Read 2160 times)

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As there have been no updates I'll move this to sorted now.
Please consider the harder to home cats in rescue.

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Please consider the harder to home cats in rescue.

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Did you manage to get Bella settled?

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Hi, sorry to hear you are having trouble with Bella have you tried a cat behaviourist they might be able to help you?

I agree with that.  I think a pet behaviourist could likely help here.  It's possible that Bella is just anxious and displaying aggression towards you as a result.  Having lived in 3 different properties in 3 years has probably left her a bit unsettled.  This sounds very much like a few situations I've seen recently on "My Cat From Hell" - cat behaving how you describe Bella's behaviour but those were all resolved.  Make sure she has plenty of places to hide and feel safe in.  I think you will have to work hard to regain her trust.  She sounds frightened to me rather than aggressive.  I would definitely ask your vet for a referral to a behaviourist.

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 :welcome: to Purrs and sorry Bella is have such problems.

I think its very early days still and something is up with her, medical or otherwise.

Its been  a big change for her, you coming back, new it just you and her or is their another change too.

You dont really know what happened while you were away. Could she be missing her little friend ?

Has her food been changed? If it has change it back immediately cos that could be part the problem.

If the vet has very thoroughly checked her out and is certain she is not in pain any where then the next step I think needs to be a behaviourist. A recommendation from your vet is the normal way to go.

I am sure this can be sorted but you need to be very patient and careful  :hug: :hug:

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Hi, sorry to hear you are having trouble with Bella have you tried a cat behaviourist they might be able to help you? I think you can sometimes get this through you pet insurance.

I doubt that she forgot you while you were away. I moved to Italy for over a year and one of my cats went to live with my parents. She stayed with them for the rest of her life as she was happier with them. (my other cat attacked her). She never forgot me, she was always glad to see me. I wonder if she is angry with you for leaving her. Although I would have thought she'd have gotten over it by now.   

What type of food is she eating? I think food cat sometimes cause them to act differently. Is she eating something different from before you went away?

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 :welcome: Sorry you have had to find purrs under such sad circumstances  :hug:

I don't have any experience personally with behaviour issues, but hopefully others will be able to give some help.

Where in the country are you? And how long have you and Bella been in the house? Are you stressed about other things as well with moving etc, as maybe she is picking up on that too? If it is just a month she has been back with you I would say it is still very early days...

Just make sure she has plenty of her own high up space she can escape to as well.

Emma x
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I am desperate for help to find a new home for my little princess Bella. She's a medium long hair, small sized, three year old female cat. She's very upset and distressed living with me, I don't know why - and I am so anxious to find her a forever home for her to become the happy purry companion she used to be.

I have had her since she was a kitten of ten weeks old. For the first two years of her life we lived together in a little flat in London, just her and me. Everything was blissful - she slept each night on my pillow, lept into my arms as soon as I got in from work and she was my little angel.

Then I had to go away to Amsterdam with work for nine months - work accommodation wouldn't let me have a cat over there, so she moved in with my mum. While she was there Bella never really settled - she wasn't aggressive, but she was quite independent and rarely settled down for cuddles etc. I worried about her but counted down the days until I could be happy living with her again.

Unfortunately, when I returned to England Bella didn't recognise me at all. Worse, she has become xtremely territorial in the new 3 bedroom house we have moved into. Over the last month, she has attacked me very savagely twice, including once when I ended up in a&e with bleeding and shock. One of the times she had been startled by a loud noise, but the other time seemed to be random - she ran into a room, screaming and biting/scratching me.

The vet has checked her over and there is absolutely nothing wrong physically. I have feliway diffusers on, and she is being treated with Zylkene to relax her. Nothing seems to be working. The only time she is her normal self is at night, when she will sleep on my bed, purr and cuddle up and even curl on the pillow like the old days. However, I am now feeling too scared to let her do this in case she attacks during the night.

I feel like her aggression is being triggered by me somehow. She isnt happy or settled in my house. It is destroying me inside and I feel so guilty. My parents are pushing strongly for me to have her put to sleep, but I don't know how I could do that to an otherwise healthy and gorgeous little cat who I love so much.

Can anyone, suggest ANYWHERE who might be able to take her on? She has always been an indoor cat, but she is keen to go out and I can imagine her settling somewhere outdoors with fields to roam in. In terms of being with other cats, she really liked my mum's neutered male cat Ritchie and would curl up with him - though I have not seen her interact with any other cats so can't guarantee she would get on with all.

I would be eternally grateful for any help at all. I am crying myself to sleep every night about this at the minute.

Jenny x

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